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Letter to Asheron
Text Icon Parchment
  • Value: 40
  • Burden: 50
  • 3 of 3 pages full.

Lord Master Asheron,

I write this with a heavy heart. I must admit now that I am outside your reach that I perpetrated a ruse against you. Serving as one of your defenders in a previous visit to the world Ispar, I was aghast at the rise of the queen Alfrega to the continent of Aluvia. I have maneuvered in the past weeks to attain a position on the next venture there. I am a learned student of Illusion (Translator's Note: I've seen this before in another document bearing the words Ignae Fatae, I am assuming this is the correct translation.) and will abide by the

mandates of travel to other worlds while I am there.

I leave this with you to inform you that I shall live out my days there. At least to see that the line of this corrupt woman is ended and the people of Aluvia are free. I will make no effort to persuade any more of your students to stay with me, nor will I inform them of my intentions until we are set to return.

You have always taught us Lord Asheron, to obey what the rightness in our hearts tells us to do. I feel that the Light is waning

on this world, and I believe though perhaps foolishly that I might provide a small enough beacon to guide the wretched masses who now cower beneath her rule to rise up against treachery and evil. I thank you Lord Master Asheron for being a compassionate and caring guardian.

Walk in the Light,



You give Bretself the Translator Well Drawn Letter.

Bretself the Translator tells you, "Looks like Harlune wasn't always an ornery old git. If I read this right he actually used to have a heart and really think he could make a difference. Hard to believe he could be so jaded."

Bretself the Translator gives you Letter to Asheron.

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