Introduced:  Release
Lich Archmage
Non-Player Killer
Lich Archmage Live.jpg
Race Undead
Title Master Archmage
Location 84.4S 25.6E southeast of Qalaba'r.
Level 9
Strength 120
Endurance 125
Coordination 100
Quickness 90
Focus 120
Self 120
Health 73
Stamina 275
Mana 390


  • Sells at 110%, buys at 80%.
  • The Lich Archmage appears as an NPC (indicator on radar and selection box colors are yellow), but attacks and can be attacked like a creature.
  • Previously, the Lich Archmage would be passive when approached, and upon closing the trade window would become aggressive. Now, the Lich Archmage is aggressive when approached. You may still use the trade window even while being attacked, though.
  • For the first several years of the game the Lich Archmage sold items at face value (100%), but was later changed to 110%.


Pyreal Icon.png Pyreal



Spell Components

Mana Stones

Alchemical Items


The rumor An old Note is about this lich.

The Lich Archmage has no opening, buying, selling, or closing dialog.

Dialog (retired?)

Lich Archmage says, "...fled...light...mistake..."

Lich Archmage says, "...dim..."

Lich Archmage says, "...dim...memories..."

Lich Archmage says, "...remember...faint...light..."

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