Introduced:  Down Twisting Paths Related Quests:  The Dark Spiral Quest
Lieutenant Durgan
Non-Player Killer
Lieutenant Durgan Live
Race Male Aluvian
Title Intelligence Chief
Location Fort Tethana in the Purple Tumerok Tavern (1.5N 71.7W)
Level 53
Strength 75
Endurance 80
Coordination 150
Quickness 150
Focus 130
Self 130
Health 80
Stamina 130
Mana 185


Lore & Dialog

Lieutenant Durgan tells you, "Greetings, friend. Though we do not claim independence...yet...we still must look after our own concerns, since Elysa Strathelar won't. At times, we look to outsiders for aid. Are you willing to be that aid we seek?"

The lieutenant shrugs his shoulders.

Lieutenant Durgan tells you, "I am Commander Margyle's intelligence chief, and I have a very vexing problem. It seems that Elysa sent her army in our direction, no doubt to put us directly under her heel again. A Viamontian force also made passage from Marae Lassel, and all projections indicated that they would fight each other north of here, near the coast."

Lieutenant Durgan tells you, "No matter who won, we would have gained an advantage. But what I find odd is this..."

Lieutenant Durgan tells you, "There was also word of a Renegade Tumerok band mobilizing to engage the other two forces. The three armies apparently encamped and parlayed, but there is no word from any of the forces after that. No army can keep themselves so hidden, especially not on our territory."

Lieutenant Durgan tells you, "I want to know what happened to those three armies, and I will reward you to tell me. If you are truly helpful, I may discuss what the future holds for beloved Tethana."

You give Lieutenant Durgan Lore of the Dark Spiral.

After reading the tattered pages, Lieutenant Durgan looks pale and shaken. He rapidly regains his composure.

You've earned 28,477,192 experience.

Lieutenant Durgan tells you, "I see that you have succeeded. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that such things were afoot so near to us. I will recommend to Commander Margyle that we begin to prepare to repel whatever dark dreams these shadows and their allies have in store."

Lieutenant Durgan gives you Tethana Manifesto.

Lieutenant Durgan tells you, "And you have served Tethana well. May I interest you in this document? It concisely details what we, the citizens and soldiers of Tethana, would have of any who would claim sovereignity over us. Perhaps reading it will bolster your will as well, and you will be inspired to stand against tyranny? If it does not inspire you, return it to me for a further reward."

Lieutenant Durgan tells you, "Greetings, friend. I know that you are familiar with the area we now call the Shadow March. I like to ensure that I have as much intelligence as possible of the area. If you have fetched items from that area, I will take them from you and reward you."

You give Lieutenant Durgan Lord Marsan's Log Book.

Lieutenant Durgan tells you, "There is a hint of conspiracy here. You say you found this in Lord Marsan's camp? He is a fool. Was a fool, I suppose. Still, normally he would aggrandize himself, not reveal his true cowardly nature in his writings. Unfortunately, his ramblings do nothing to help us assess the true nature of this foe - simply inspire a certain level of skepticism and make me wonder if this is a ploy by Elysa or the Viamontians. Nothing could be so great as he describes."

You've earned 6,674,042 experience.

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