One of the basic character templates provided by Turbine. It replaced the original Life Mage template. Its description is as follows:

LIFE CASTERS are experts in all matters of vital essence. They can both give life and take it away. The Life Caster profession contains the Arcane Lore, Life Magic, Creature Enchantment, Mana Conversion, and War Magic skills.

Innate Attributes

Strength 40
Endurance 50
Coordination 10
Quickness 30
Focus 100
Self 100
Health 25
Stamina 50
Mana 100

Innate Skills

In addition to the skills listed, all characters start with the trained starting skills, bonus masteries, and bonus augmentation for their heritage listed on Character Races.

Arcane Lore 43
Life Magic 60
Creature Enchantment 55
Mana Conversion 55
War Magic 55


Turbine's former suggestion for advancement is to learn Item Magic, and Healing.

Character Templates
Stock Templates
Current Bow Hunter, Life Caster, Soldier, Swashbuckler, War Mage, Wayfarer
Retired Archer, Blademaster, Enchanter, Life Mage, Sorcerer, Vagabond, Warrior
Player Created Templates
Magic Advanced War Mage, Battle Mage, CLaW Mage, Martyr Mage, Melee Mage, Melee Martyr Mage, Og Mage, Opal Mage, Opal Tank Mage
Melee Covenant Warrior
Missile Mage Slayer (PvP), PvM Archer, Pure mage/archer (no war/void)
Mule & Crafter None listed
Hybrid Combat Alchemist, Hybrid Mage/UA (PvP)
Miscellaneous None listed

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