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Lifestone Sending

Transports the target to the last Lifestone he or she used.

You are sent to the lifestone you double click to attune, as opposed to the spell Lifestone Recall, which sends you to the lifestone you cast Lifestone Tie on.

This level III Item Magic spell can be learned by using A Carved Mosswart Statue after handing the Necklace of Leerargh from Mossy Cave to Bleeargh as part of Bleeargh's Gratitude quest (You do not need to complete all parts of the quest before using the statue and getting this spell). A simpler way to obtain this spell is to learn level 3 spells from the Professor of Item Magic in Arwic.

In order to bypass this quest and use it for free, you can simply type in chat /lifestone. This will also cause you to be sent back to the Lifestone that you attuned yourself to.