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Lilitha was a famous hunter and explorer during the early days of Isparian settlement on Dereth. She refused to join any faction, and preferred to hunt alone.[1]

She was known for her finely crafted bows, which include Lilitha's Bow and the Exquisite Elari Wood Bow. She was not easily satisfied with her work, and constantly discarded old bows after making a new one.[2] She was also known for her crafting skills, which included making arrows out of Gromnie Teeth, spears out of Auroch Horns and a helmet made from an Olthoi Head.[1] In the early days of the game, the existence of "Lilitha's Greater Bow" was rumored, but this was a rumor only. [3]

One of her favorite hunting spots were the Tiofor Woods. She was also the one to first discover Mount Esper and Bandit Castle and the first to hunt in the Direlands.[1] Somehow, she managed to also hunt the hidden island of Marae Lassel, where she tried to get her hands on the Larchess Trees for wood for her bows and was "dogged by floating creatures", probably Virindi.[4]

In 1 P.Y.[5], Lilitha was captured by Hea Temenua, on the then still undiscovered island of Marae Lassel and given over to the Virindi, the "atual arutoa".[6][5][7] Since Lilitha is their first Isparian captive, the Virindi begin experimenting on her, repeatedly removing and reattaching various parts of her body.[7][5]

In Coldeve, 13 P.Y. (Fever Dreams) it was discovered that she was being held by the Virindi in the Portal Space dungeon and experimented on by Aerbax. These experiments had led to the creation of Martine. Lilitha is still trapped in Portal Space to this day.[7]

Original Rumor:

Lilitha's Bow
In the first years of the Aluvian people's freedom, the huntress Lilitha roamed the Tiofor Wood, living the vagabond's life. Renowned as an exceptional shot, Lilitha - so the legends say - could kill a Shreth running at full gallop with a single arrow. Such feats owed at least as much to her finely crafted bows as to her skill as an archer.
Lilitha was capricious by nature, however, and seldom held on to a bow for long. She would no sooner finish making one before starting to carve another, better weapon; when she finished making a new bow that satisfied her exacting needs, she would leave the old one behind. It is said that some of her earlier bows, which are both quicker to draw and stronger of pull than those to be found in common bowyers' shops, can still be found in the wood.
- Asheron's Call Manual, page 47

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