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Linvak Mountain Range


Also known as the South Osteth Mountains, this mountain range stretches from Qalaba'r to Mayoi. The Lugian fortress of Linvak Tukal, the snowman village of Frost Haven, and the Sho settlement of Kara are found nestled among the mountains.


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Kill Tasks

Frost Haven Quests


NPC Name Location Type Details
Le-Ai Rea 75.9S, 57.3E Quest Focusing Stone Quest
Master Shoyanen Kenchu the Archmage 63.4S, 85.9E Shopkeeper Magical Supplies
Jolly Snowman 65.4S, 44.1E, 73.2S, 26.8E Shopkeeper A Frozen Note
Snowman 70.4S, 54.5E Shopkeeper A Frozen Note, Poofy Snowballs
Zairente Ra-Yao Random Spawn Quest Hieromancer's Armor



Dropped Items
Crystal Sword Icon Crystal SwordHeavy Ursuin Coat Icon Heavy Ursuin CoatHoary Mattekar Hide Icon Hoary Mattekar HideA Huge Lump of Coal Icon A Huge Lump of CoalA Perfect Snowman Eye Icon A Perfect Snowman EyeRobe of the Tundra Icon Robe of the TundraSnowflower Icon SnowflowerSoul Staff Icon Soul StaffUrsuin Scalp Icon Ursuin Scalp
Landscape Items
Argenory Plant Icon Argenory PlantLapyan Plant Icon Lapyan PlantMinalim Plant Icon Minalim PlantDirty Old Crate Icon Dirty Old CrateSnowflower Icon Snowflower

Points of Interest




Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Quests
Dragon's Power 82.3S, 41.4E -- 6449 Path of the Jojii Adherent
Firebird's Splendor 53.6S, 66.7E -- 6449 Path of the Jojii Adherent
Gredaline Consulate 61.6S, 29.3E -- 029B Virindi Spells Quest
Hills Citadel 56.5S, 66.9E -- 02F0 None
Linvak Tukal Entryway 76.6S, 28.1E -- 029C Arm, Mind, Heart Quest
Lost Garden Ruins 65.8S, 59.3E -- 01B1 Machinist's Gloves Quest,
Undead Mechanic Quest
Lugian Excavations 77.0S, 64.3E -- 02E7 Phantom Weapons Quest, Sepulcher of Nightmares,
Sanguinary Aegis Quest
Lugian Outpost 80.6S, 18.1E -- 01C7 Hollow Weapons Quest
Lugian Mine 73.9S, 39.0E -- 02E9 None
Lugian Post 71.3S, 19.0E -- 01C8 None
Lugian Quarry 64.5S, 55.6E -- 02E8 Chorizite Potions,
Hollow Weapons Quest,
Phantom Weapons Quest
Mines of Despair 75.4S, 57.2E -- 0188 Focusing Stone Quest, Diemos Flagging,
Crafter Golems
Mountain Fortress 82.4S, 19.9E -- 011C Hamud's Demise
Mount Ingot 67.7S, 28.5E -- 6448 Snowman Village
Old Mine 79.2S, 27.0E -- 0190 Machinist's Gloves Quest,
Undead Mechanic Quest
Ridge Citadel 67.9S, 62.6E -- 02F1 None
Serac Vault 75.9S, 29.0E -- 0117 Major Shivering Stone Quest
Singular Chorizite Repository 77.3S, 51.6E -- 03A0 New Singular Repositories
Trialos 58.7S, 55.3E -- 01C3 None
Wilderness Citadel 70.2S, 24.2E -- 02F2 None


Note: Most landscape creatures have a spawn map on the creature's article page.

Armoredillo Icon Armoredillo

Crystal Icon Crystal

Drudge Icon Drudge

Golem Icon Golem

Gotrok Lugian Icon Gotrok Lugian

Knathtead Icon Knathtead

Lightning Elemental Icon Lightning Elemental

Mattekar Icon Mattekar

Phyntos Wasp Icon Phyntos Wasp

Rat Icon Rat

Shadow Icon Shadow

Snowman Icon Snowman

Undead Icon Undead

Ursuin Icon Ursuin

Zefir Icon Zefir


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