Introduced:  Lost in the New Horizon
Little Green Seeds
Little Green Seeds Icon.png
  • Value: 50
  • Burden: 5
  • A few small seeds, found on a [Tusker/Shreth]. They do not seem to have any apparent use.


  • Does not stack.
  • Hand seeds dropped by various types of Tusker and Shreth to Terese in the Swamp Gardens for a random amount (1, 3, or 6) of Dye Plant.
Dropped By Dye Plants
Hunter Shreth, Blood Shreth, Malus Shreth (Direlands), Vorous Shreth (high drop rate - might be the old Dires version) Berimphur Plant Icon.png Berimphur Plant
Hennacin Plant Icon.png Hennacin Plant
Verdalim Plant Icon.png Verdalim Plant
Gnawer Shreth, Carrion Shreth (high drop rate), Vorous Shreth (high drop rate), Blood Shreth, Hunter Shreth Argenory Plant Icon.png Argenory Plant
Lapyan Plant Icon.png Lapyan Plant
Minalim Plant Icon.png Minalim Plant
Malus Shreth (Aerlinthe) Colban Plant Icon.png Colban Plant
Relanim Plant Icon.png Relanim Plant
Tusker Annihilators, Assailers, Devastators, Rampagers, Stompers, Obliterators (high drop rate) Thananim Plant Icon.png Thananim Plant

Other Creatures that drop seeds according to Trophy Hunter Online.

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