Introduced:  Release Updated:  Throne of Destiny

Armor Summary
Name: Other Armor
Heritage: Generic, tier I
Coverage: Head, Hands, Feet
AL: See Loot


  • Except for the Loot Armor Types, Head, Feet and Hand Armor can be found in loot. This category summarizes the none-set loot generated Armor, which is made out of Hide
  • Some types are sold at general Provisioners, Shopkeepers and Merchants.
  • The base material of Hide Armor is usually some kind of hide or leather.
  • The color palette consists of 1 color
  • When dyeing, the base color becomes a rather deep, dark variation of the color, except for the Viamontian Loafers and Boots, which turn into a bright color.
    • Fail dyed:pink

Quest Hide Armor

Boots of the Vault Icon Boots of the VaultGromnie Hide Boots Icon Gromnie Hide BootsGromnie Hide Gauntlets Icon Gromnie Hide Gauntlets

Loot-generated Hide Armor

Click image for full size.
Cap Icon Leather Cap Lyceum Hood Icon Lyceum Hood Cloth Gloves Icon Cloth Gloves
Cap Live Lyceum Hood Live Gloves Live
Loafers Loot Icon Loafers Sandals Loot Icon Sandals Shoes Loot Icon Shoes
Loafers Live Sandals Live Leather Shoes Live
Steel Toed Boots Icon Steel Toed Boots Viamontian Laced Boots Loot Icon Viamontian Laced Boots
Steel Toed Boots Live Viamontian Laced Boots Live

Store-bought Hide Armor

Leather Boots Icon Leather BootsLeather Cap Icon Leather CapSandals Icon SandalsShoes Icon ShoesLoafers Icon LoafersViamontian Laced Boots Icon Viamontian Laced Boots

Only in loot available Hide Armor

Cloth Gloves Icon Cloth GlovesLyceum Hood Icon Lyceum HoodSteel Toed Boots Icon Steel Toed Boots

Dyed Loot-generated Hide Armor

  • See the pages for the individual items
Known Palettes for Dyed Loot Generated Armor Other (Hide)
ACID Name Sample Hex
4213 LapyanBlue 2A6C9A
4387 ColbanBlue 001859
4052 VerdalimGreen 20341B
4214 MinalimGreen 1F793F
4389 RelanimPurple 47065C
4388 ThananimBlack 2A2A2A
4053 HennacinRed 3F1007
4215 ArgenoryWhite ADADAD
4054 BerimphurGold 60510A
4055 CriticalPink B06672
The sample is only an approach of how the item looks ingame.
See User:Sanddh/Guides/Armor Color Table for other available palettes.
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