Introduced:  Darkest Night Related Quests:  Hoshino Must Die
Lord Brem
Non-Player Killer
Lord Brem Live
Race Male Empyrean
Title Royal Knight Mage
Location 80.7N, 43.0W
Level 275
Strength 200
Endurance 260
Coordination 200
Quickness 290
Focus 290
Self 290
Health 326
Stamina 456
Mana 486


Lore & Dialog

If you have not completed the Harvesting the Bulb of Twilight this is the dialog you will receive;

Lord Brem tells you, "To be able to aid me, you will need to have helped all of Popkin of the Gate's researchers with their tasks. I see that you have not yet aided Shah-hi in her task. She can be found at her excavation site in the Vesayen Isles, at 77.7S, 97.0E."
Lord Brem tells you, "It is important that you help each of the researchers in freeing the essences of all the Sisters, as it will be those essences you personally freed which will allow them to aid you when it is time to face the spectral Hoshino Kei in battle."
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