Introduced:  A Reign of Stone Related Quests:  Balor's Rescue, Aerbax's Prodigal Lugian
Lord Kresovus
Non-Player Killer
Lord Kresovus Live
Race Lugian
Location Middle Top Room, 77.6S, 28.0 in Linvak Tukal
Level 221
Strength 400
Endurance 360
Coordination 420
Quickness 350
Focus 350
Self 270
Health 280
Stamina 460
Mana 310


Lore & Dialog

Lord Kresovus tells you, "Greetings, small one. It looks like we have seen the worst of the siege on Linvak Tukal, but not without losses. My poor Balor..."

Lord Kresovus tells you, "My scouts still report the demons who attacked us have a base somewhere in the northermost reaches of the Direlands."

Lord Kresovus tells you, "If you seek to repay the invaders who took so much from us then seek them there. Return whatever information you might find."

You give Lord Kresovus Coda.

Lord Kresovus tells you, "These are grim tidings indeed. But valuable - most valuable information. You have done Linvak Tukal a great service. You are indeed marked for greatness."

You've earned 6,882,668 experience.

You give Lord Kresovus A Patch of Balor's Fur.

Lord Kresovus tells you, "Balor... What have they done to you?"

Lord Kresovus slumps forward, obviously overcome with grief. After a short moment, he remembers himself, his position, and his company. Lord Kresovus straightens his back and looks you in the eye.

Lord Kresovus tells you, "I thank you for your service. The heart grieves, but..."

Lord Kresovus tells you, "Thank you."

You've earned 3,441,334 experience.

Retired dialog (from Infiltration)

Lord Kresovus rears back and screams a great cry of anguish to the uncaring skies above. "BAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORR!!!!!"

Lord Kresovus tells you, "Greetings, small one. You have come at a most critical time. After years of siege, our walls have been breached. Though not by the Gotrok. Some other foul tribe forced their way past defenses which have long stood fast. A tribe of some foul thing I cannot begin to describe. Bodies usurped, brothers possessed... the mind recoils at such horrors.

Lord Kresovus tells you, "These fiends invaded under cover of darkness. They attacked while I slept. They meant to slay me - or take me prisoner - I do not know which. There was one with them, one whose appearance matched my own! I do believe he meant to assume control of Linvak Tukal in my stead."

Lord Kresovus tells you, "Were it not for the valiant efforts of Captain K'rank, and my own doomed Balor, I fear I would have been overwhelmed. As it turns out, we were not overwhelmed. We repelled the invaders. But not without our own casualties."

Lord Kresovus tells you, "Several of our own were taken prisoner by these beasts of Shadow. And Balor... my dear Balor..."

Lord Kresovus tells you, "My scouts tracked the demons to a location in the northernmost reaches of the Direlands. I fear I do not know more than that."

Lord Kresovus tells you, "If you seek to aid us in this conflict, find these demons. Slay these demons. Return whatever information you might find."

Lord Kresovus tells you, "And if you happen to find him, please do return my precious Balor to me."

Retired dialog (from A Reign of Stone)

Lord Kresovus tells you, "The Gotrok respect only strength. When they gained access to the lower levels they looted many items in our treasury, and destroyed many tablets of knowledge. They are not to be trusted. Strike them, before they strike at you."

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