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Lord Mhoire Quest
Level: 50
Rec. Level: 200+
Type: Fellowship
Starts At: Graveyard at 64.6S, 44.1W
Repeat: 20 Hours
Quest Chain: 1. Lord Mhoire Quest
2. Releasing Jester
3. Jester Released


This quest closely coincides with the quest: Releasing Jester. If you intend to release Jester from his prison, you must complete part 1 once. After that, the ghost of Lord Mhoire will hand out the Jester Prison Key everytime you defeat his corrupted form.


Walkthrough & Notes

(Optional) Part 1: Laylana and Jester's Prison

  1. Speak with Laylana at 65.3S, 44.3W in the Graveyard.
  2. Speak with the Jailer inside the tomb (middle in row of three) nearby at 64.9S, 44.1W. Turn right at the bottom of the first stairs in the bunker and keep going until you find the Jailer.
  3. Go north from the Jailer past the hidden wall and use the portal to Jester's Prison. You must click on the portal.
  4. At the drop room, speak to the Wall, the white dot visible on radar near the north wall. There is also a door in the room which you cannot use yet.
  5. Return to Laylana and speak to her again to get Laylana's Love Letter and the Pleading Letter. Both are needed to complete the quest.
  6. Take the Pleading Letter to Lord Cynreft.
    • Warning: The key has a timer and can be used repeatedly for 24 hours before disintegrating. Note that this is a real world timer and will count down even when you are not logged in.

Part 2: Lord Cynreft Mhoire

  1. Bring the fellowship inside the building at 64.6S 44.1W (guarded by two Guardian Statues).
    • Tip: Don't attack creatures while inside the building, it will get the attention of the entire graveyard and block the entrance for the key holder.
  2. The quest leader should talk to one of the Guardian Statues outside the temple and click Yes to spawn With a portal to Lord Mhoire's Tomb.
    • Note: This portal only lasts about 30 seconds, so everyone must be close and ready to enter the portal immediately after it spawns.
  3. Once inside, the person that used the key must speak with the Shade of Parieth NPC to begin the quest.
    • Note: If you died outside AFTER using a key, you are still flagged to activate the quest inside.
    • Tip: Archers & Mages can perch on top of the Sealed Vault to avoid getting hit by melee attacks.
  4. The fellowship must now defeat 5 waves of skeletons and undeads to beat the quest:
    1. Round 1: Pyre Minions
    2. Round 2: Wights, Wight Captains, Wight Blade Sorcerers
      • Tip: Kill Sorcerers first.
    3. Round 3: Pyre Minions
    4. Round 4: Pyre Minions, Pyre Skeletons, Pyre Champions
      • Tip: Kill Pyre Champions first.
    5. Round 5: Pyre Minions, Pyre Skeletons, Pyre Champions, Lord Cynreft Mhoire, Pillars of Fire
  5. When Lord Cynreft Mhoire dies, the Lord Cynreft Mhoire (NPC) (ghost) spawns near the middle of the room. Speak to the NPC to obtain Lord Cynreft Mhoire's Key, which opens the Sealed Vault on the North wall.


  • Limit your group to 1 fellowship (+/- 2 people). The quest only yields 10 Lord Cynreft Mhoire's Keys.
  • Try to run this quest during the day to make accessing the portal without casualties much easier. If forced to start at night, you can heal from the NW tower while the person uses the key and goes inside.
  • If you have more than one Ornate Bone Key, the key holder can go outside and re-start the quest alone, while everyone else waits inside.
  • Warning: If the person with the key fails to make the portal that spawns, there is no way to activate the quest unless another key is used.
  • Each key used activates the quest for 1 hour. You and anyone else who dies while inside the Lord Mhoire's Tomb must wait out the time remaining in order to make another portal appear.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Lord Mhoire's Tomb 64.6S, 44.1W -- --


Defeat Lord Cynreft Mhoire and then speak to the ghost of Lord Cynreft Mhoire
Titles: Hero of House Mhoire
Loot Sealed Vault using Lord Cynreft Mhoire's Key



Opening Dialog

Laylana tells you, "Hello, my name is Laylana. I would ask you a favor."

Laylana tells you, "My love is missing. We are betrothed, but I have not seen him for so long. Please, you must help me find him. He was once the Jester to Lord Cynreft and the House of Mhoire. I fear that something horrible may have befallen him."

Jailer tells you, "Begone! Only Lord Cynreft may visit the prisoner."

Jailer tells you, "You have not heard of the prisoner? So powerful and so very mad. Once he entertained the court of Mhoire with his antics, but that was before the betrayal. Now he is imprisoned here for all time."

Jailer tells you, "Go now. You have no business here."
Using "Wall"

The Jester tells you, "Please, you, yes you, the one talking to a wall."

The Jester tells you, "You must free me. I was incarcerated without due process. Their were mitigating circumstances!"

Suddenly you hear a ripple of mad laughter.

The Jester tells you, "Free me and I shall give you a boon, my most magnificent friend."

The Jester tells you, "Sorry about that sire. Sometimes the urge to laugh at my situation is too great."

The Jester tells you, "Set me free O' noble hero! I am but a lowly court Jester who ran afoul of his wish to do good. I don't claim to be innocent, but who is? In this case though the punishment does not befit the crime."

The Jester tells you, "Ok, I'm done. Please come back when you feel the need to free me."

The Jester tells you, "Shhh, I'm talking to my new friend! No, go away, I'll play with you later!"

The Jester tells you, "Sorry oh beneficent one. Where was I? Let's see, free me, imprisoned unjustly, laugh madly, offer the dolt a reward... Oh, right."

The Jester tells you, "Free me so that I may return to my love, Laylana. She knows not what has befallen me."

The Jester tells you, "Oh, it's you again? Have you come to free me from the unjust oppression under which I am held? Come on, please!"
Returning to Laylana

Laylana tells you, "You found him? He is imprisoned? Oh, my love, what could have happened."

Laylana tells you, "Please deliver this note to Lord Cynreft and then deliver this note to my love in his prison."

Laylana gives you Pleading Letter.

Laylana gives you Laylana's Love Letter.
Giving Pleading Letter to Lord Cynreft

You give Lord Cynreft Mhoire Pleading Letter.

Lord Cynreft carefully reads the letter.

Lord Cynreft Mhoire tells you, "I wish that things were different for this poor woman. But, there is no chance of the Jester's release."

Lord Cynreft Mhoire tells you, "Long ago my house fled the vile corruption of Geraine and his court. I sought to protect my family and my people from the unnatural magics spreading through the other noble houses."

Lord Cynreft Mhoire tells you, "We came to this small island, an ancient and little used retreat of my people. Here I hid my house from the un-death spreading through our empire. Here I hoped to plan a means of stopping Geraine and his dark reign."

Lord Cynreft Mhoire tells you, "Then we were betrayed!"

Lord Cynreft's ephemeral form suddenly coalesces and becomes almost solid. Grief and unspeakable anger rage within his eyes. Then he sags and fades almost from view.

Lord Cynreft Mhoire tells you, "My Court Jester, sharp of wit and nimble of foot, and lifelong friend, the last person I would expect to betray me, snuck away in the night. He met with Rytheran to bargain my house's secret location in exchange for power. I suppose he got his reward. I still don't know how that dark mage Rytheran did it, but he drove that treacherous fool mad with the power he instilled in him."

Lord Cynreft Mhoire tells you, "His mind broken, he returned to my court where he caused havoc and insanity. We finally trapped him, but the death he so richly deserved was now impossible. My most deadly spells had nearly no effect on him. He had grown so powerful he was no longer empyrean. He had become something horrible and everlasting."

Lord Cynreft Mhoire tells you, "I ordered him entombed for all eternity. And set guardians to watch over him."

Lord Cynreft Mhoire tells you, "I fear that I cannot grant the Maiden Laylana's request. It would be unthinkable to release him."

Lord Cynreft Mhoire tells you, "I do feel for her loss all the same. I myself lost those closest to me following the Jester's betrayal. I will let you deliver her Love Letter to the Jester, although it will surely mean nothing to his deranged mind."

Lord Cynreft Mhoire gives you Jester Prison Key.

Lord Cynreft Mhoire tells you, "Take this key. It will grant you limited access to the Jester. Be sure that you do not listen to his rantings. He may be insane, but he remains as clever a trickster as ever he was. Above all do not try to free him. I took great measures to insure he will never be released and you would surely die in the attempt."

Lord Cynreft Mhoire tells you, "I thank you again for your bravery in destroying my corrupted form."
Using Ornate Bone Key on Guardian Statue

You allow Guardian Statue to examine your Ornate Bone Key.

Use the statue to insert the key into the key hole.

As the bone key slides into the keyhole you hear a whispered voice.

"This key will lead you to my tomb. I await you, if you believe your group has the strength to defeat me. Use this key and you will have only a short time to pass through into my final resting place."

You hand over 1 of your Ornate Bone Keys.

The bone key turns with a loud click and crumbles to dust.
Shade of Parieth

Shade of Parieth tells you, "Lord Cynreft has summoned me here to warn off those who would disturb him. I hope you are prepared!"

Shade of Parieth says, "Prepare yourselves! The Royal Guard of Lord Cynreft come forth to protect him! You have one hour to defeat the guard and battle Lord Cynreft Mhoire!"

Shade of Parieth tells you, "I await the one who used Lord Cynreft's key. If the one is not among you then begone."
Lord Cynreft

His corrupted form destroyed, the spirit of Lord Cynreft appears.

Lord Cynreft says, "My time on this world is brief! Speak with me quickly heroes."

Lord Cynreft Mhoire gives you Jester Prison Key.

Lord Cynreft Mhoire tells you, "You have my thanks. My spirit is free from the corruption of this place. I feel at peace. I can only hope that I am not drawn once again into the corruption."

Lord Cynreft Mhoire tells you, "I can only assume I have you to thank for this brief respite. Take this key. It will open a hidden cache of royal treasure hidden in the graveyard. Search for it."

Lord Cynreft Mhoire gives you Lord Cynreft Mhoire's Key.

Lord Cynreft Mhoire tells you, "Again I thank you for what you have obviously done."

Lord Cynreft Mhoire bestows to you the title "Hero of House Mhoire."

Update History

Strange Sightings

  • Quest introduced.

Risks and Rewards


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