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Lord Rytheran
Non-Player Killer
Lord Rytheran Live
Race Undead
Title Lord of Menilesh
Location Gardens of Menilesh
Level 200
Strength 350
Endurance 350
Coordination 380
Quickness 320
Focus 480
Self 480
Health 5000
Stamina 3350
Mana 5280


Lore & Dialog

Lord Rytheran tells you, "Ah, you seek my mnemosyne, do you not? My memories of that long-ago day when I read from the book... Your masters desire it so that they may meddle in this affair and save their fragile settlements from the depredation of the Blight. Well enough. I will give you the mnemosyne you seek if you do something for me..."
Lord Rytheran tells you, "In the ancient garden below, my followers have gone mad, forgotten themselves and their allegiance to me. Regrettably, they had something that is dear to me in their possession when they lost their minds. A ring of some... sentimental value. Find that ring, and bring it to me. I will give you the mnemosyne you seek when you bring me the ring. You will have to kill me to get the mnemosyne otherwise, and I can already see you lack the power and the will to do that."

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