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Asheron's Call Dark Majesty Intro

Asheron's Call Dark Majesty Intro


Elysa: Long ago, a lone sorcerer saved the last of his kind from an unstoppable invasion.

Elysa: The Empyrean left this world to a race of insects: the Olthoi.

Elysa: But how could the sorcere know that what saved his people would also call us here?

Elysa: My name is Elysa Strathelar. Years ago I was a commoner of Ispar, Seeking nothing of adventure. But adventure, it seems, sought me.

Elysa: The hive ran with brutal precision. Slaves and drones bent to the will of the Olthoi Queen. I learned their patterns; to recognize the foul scent of they coming and going. I ran when the time came. After searching for hours, I found a way out.

Elysa: Soon after, I met Thorsten, my love. Together we sought a way to liberate the land.

Elysa: The tower was mystery in a world of mysteries.

Elysa: I searched for a way in and found... him. The sorcerer. Asheron.

Elysa: We were the first humans he'd seen, having spent years seeking a way to eliminate the Olthoi he'd brought here.

Elysa: He had knowledge, and magic. But he could not stop them alone. We would be his champions.

Elysa: Our fellowship sneaked back into the main hive. Thorsten led the charge. Our goal: attract the attention of the Queen. It worked.

Elysa: I watched as she sliced through our fellowship.

Elysa: I watched as her dark majesty slew the one I love.

Elysa: One arrow fired in vengeance ended her reign.

Elysa: The Olthoi War is over. More humans arrive every day.

Elysa: Together, we strive to make Dereth our home.

Elysa: And I pray the beasts that took my love from me never return to take yours.

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