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Asheron's Call TOD Pre-Order DVD

Asheron's Call TOD Pre-Order DVD


Varicci: The Duke and his daughter: murderers, deceivers, traitors.

Varicci: They began a war they could not fight.

Varicci: When I brought the battle to their door, they fled through the portals of the bloodless.

Varicci: They did not believe I would follow.

Varicci: We discovered a new world on the other side of that portal.

Varicci: We built a city in the image of the home we left behind.

Varicci: Then we crushed the Duke's rebellion…

Varicci: …and I took his daughter's heart.

Varicci: But our new home became our prison.

Varicci: A mystical barrier of some unknown origin kept us from the world beyond…

Varicci: …A world ruled by the bloodless.

Varicci: With the help of shadowy allies, my mages sought a spell that would shatter the magical boundary…

Varicci: …while I reshaped my army with power magics…

Varicci: …and tamed savage creatures to lead my forces into battle.

Varicci: Finally… after eight long years…

Varicci: …we forged our freedom.

Varicci: Soldiers of Viamont! Today we go to war!


  • Originally available:
    • On the Asheron's Call Throne of Destiny Pre-Order Disc.
    • Played after launching the AC:ToD client.
    • On Turbine's site at (Web Archive)
    • On the Turbine youtube channel at
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