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September 2002

Martine: This is my time. Here I shall atone for everything that I have done to you, all the transgressions of my past and the thing that I became.

Gaerlan: Insolence. How dare you enter my citadel?

Martine: I am here to make amends for what I have done.

Gaerlan: You have once again shaken off your human form. A pity. Well then vermin, let us see what you have brought me.

Martine: I have brought you the end, Gaerlan. I have brought you death.

Gaerlan: There is no magic you can call upon that I cannot match. You were a clever tool, and nothing more.

Martine: I am not going to let you eradicate my race.

Martine: Your powers have weakened, Gaerlan.

Gaerlan: And so I have proven the victor. You have lost…Isparian.

Martine: I have yet to lose Gaerlan.

Gaerlan: Insignificant.

Gaerlan: You shall trouble me no further.

Gaerlan: What…

Gaerlan: I am not yet defeated, I will see the vision realized…

Asheron: The time for reckoning is at hand.


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