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Lost Wish Mountain Range


The Lost Wish Mountain Range is a semicircle of mountains that surrounds what is now the Olthoi North. It begins at the ocean north of Arwic and terminates at the ocean east of Bandit Castle. Also Gaerlan's Citadel crashed somewhere along the range between Arwic and Bandit Castle.
The southeast part of the range, known as Eotensfang, is one of the best locations to hunt Great Mattekars for their Horns used in the Composite Weapons Quest.

Spawn Distributions

Most of the mountain range is native to creatures that are good for players levels 20-40 (orange zone). The north of the Lost Wish range (Bandit Castle area) is aimed at those levels 40-60 (green zone).


Related Quests

Kill Tasks


NPC Name Location Type Details
Blind Snowman 46.7N, 48.9E Quest Three Eyed Snowman
Giant Snowman 61.5N, 45.7E Shopkeeper A Frozen Note, Snowball

Points of Interest

Housing Settlements


  • Bandit Castle - Portal at 42.4N 60.5E (SE-part)
  • Steady portal to Arwic at 40.9N 55.8E (SE-part)



Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Quests
Lair of Death 42.0N 58.1E -- -- Olthoi Weapons Quest
Mite Maze 41.1N 57.2E -- -- Harlune's Diplomacy, Branith's Stolen Possessions, Water of Mount Lethe
Olthoi Brood Hive (20+) 44.2N, 66.2E, 51.2N, 48.2E -- 5772 Lesser Olthoi Armor
Olthoi Horde Nest (Bandit Castle) 64.3N, 52.8E -- 02FD Olthoi Weapons Quest
Olthoi Horde Nest (Colier) 55.8N, 43.5E -- 02FB Olthoi Weapons Quest
Renegade Garrison 44.1N, 51.8E -- -- Renegade Mace Quest


Dropped Items
Glacial Golem Heart Icon Glacial Golem HeartMattekar Hide Icon Mattekar Hide
Landscape Items
Argenory Plant Icon Argenory PlantLapyan Plant Icon Lapyan PlantMinalim Plant Icon Minalim PlantDirty Old Crate Icon Dirty Old CrateSnowflower Icon Snowflower


Banderling Icon Banderling

Crystal Icon Crystal

Drudge Icon Drudge

Golem Icon Golem

Mattekar Icon Mattekar

Monouga Icon Monouga

Olthoi Icon Olthoi

Rat Icon Rat

Shadow Icon Shadow

Snowman Icon Snowman

Tumerok Icon Tumerok

Tusker Icon Tusker


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