One of the original Viamontian clans, later transformed in the House of Lotili or Lotila. [1]

Together with the clan of the Bellenni, led jointly by the shaman-wizard Bassano of the Bellenni and the warrior matron Pova of the Lotili, they gave strong opposition to the royalist clan of the Corcosi, resulting in a civil war which lasted almost 100 years.[1]

Like other clans, after the unification of the Viamont and the founding of its national army by Elous V, their members became leaders in the army of the Viamont. The houses of Bellenesse and Lotila eventually became two of the most stalwart and reliably bloodthirsty houses in the later Viamontian wars with foreign nations.[1]

Members of the clan of the Lotili or House of Lotila are titled with "du Lotila" or "di Lotila". Their title in the court was that of Count or Countess.[2][3]

Notable Members

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