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Lou Ka
Non-Player Killer
Lou Ka Live
Race Male Sho
Title Citizen of Shoushi
Location 33.5S 73.E in the bar in Shoushi
Level 5
Strength 50
Endurance 60
Coordination 70
Quickness 75
Focus 80
Self 80
Health 35
Stamina 60
Mana 85


Lore & Dialog[]

Lou Ka tells you, "Those thieving mosswarts have made off with my yaoji again! And this time they took several other items belonging to myself and my partner Bai Den as well!"

Lou Ka tells you, "Here is a list of the items that are missing. Will you go to the Braid Mansion Ruin, along the road that leaves town to the southwest, and recover our things for us? We would be very grateful."

Lou Ka gives you A List of Items.

Lou Ka tells you, "If you need more help finding the Braid Mansion Ruin, you can buy directions from Nin Hong at the bar."
Retired Dialog

Lou Ka tells you, "Greetings. I am a collector of drudge charms and phyntos wasp wings."

Lou Ka tells you, "Oh, and if you recover my personal yaoji, I would appreciate getting it back. There are monsters in a cave to the west of here. If you will retrieve my yaoji, I will reward you."

You give Lou Ka Lou Ka's Yaoji.

Lou Ka tells you, "Here is the Stone of Discipline. Well done. Take this to Oi-Tong Ye in Shoushi proper."

Lou Ka gives you Stone of Discipline.