Introduced:  Who Watches the Virindi? Updated:  Old Ghosts
Non-Player Killer
Luc Live
Race Virindi
Location Inside Mar'uun (10.6S, 17.1E)
Level 167
Strength 40
Endurance 150
Coordination 190
Quickness 220
Focus 250
Self 250
Health 145
Stamina 300
Mana 550


  • Route: From Al-Arqas, take the Al-Nosaj portal at 33.5S, 13.1E.
  • With the destruction of Mar'uun, Luc disappeared without a trace.

Lore & Dialog

Luc tells you, "Hello fellow Human Adventurer. We also are adventurers who have come to this town. We have had many human adventures just like you."
Jean says, "Yes we are also great human adventurers like you."

Luc tells you, "Fellow normal human, how is it being human today? My flesh is healthy and I am well."

Luc tells you, "I have come here in order to exchange metals and promissory notes for goods from the locals. I also look to imbibe liquid substances in order to forget my pains and bond with my fellow humans over eccentric tales."

Luc tells you, "As humans Jean and I are very similar. There is no reason for suspicion. Our humanity makes our stories very similar."
Jean says, "Luc and I come from the same human pod. We often tell the same stories. We have been togeather as long as we have been flesh."