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Lugian Assault
Level: 180
Type: Solo
Starts With: Raksaa
Starts At: Encampment near Rynthid Infested Plains at 61.6S, 63.2W
Route: Use Rynthid Recall or Mansion to Dangerous Portal Device to Center of the Obsidian Plains.
Repeat: 20 Hours
Contracts: Contract for Lugian Assault


Deliver the Scroll to Commander Presk.

  • The greatest danger on this quest are the exploding rock traps in many of the rooms of the dungeon. The rocks randomly fall from the ceiling and then split into pieces that fly outward in multiple directions. These rocks do massive damage if you are bludgeon vulned. It is recommended to dispel any vulnerabilities in the hallways between rooms.

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Talk to Raksaa in the Encampment near Rynthid Infested Plains at 61.6S, 63.2W, and he will give you a Sealed Scroll for Commander Presk.
  2. Head to the Presk's Bunker at 63.6S, 66.3W. It is located on opposite side of the plains from the encampment NPCs. The drop is safe.
  3. The dungeon consists of a series of large rooms full of exploding rock traps. Each large room has several levers and a door which is opened by only 1 of the levers. One person should pull the correct lever while everyone else waits in the hallway until each door is open. After each room, everyone should dispel any bludgeon vulns. (The levers used to activate each door may alternate but this is unconfirmed)
  4. The 1st room has 4 levers. Pull the NW lever to open the door.
  5. Proceed through the door and you will come to a T intersection.
    • Note: Following the left path leads to more exploding rock rooms and eventually a Chorizite Chest. The path then drops you back at the start of the dungeon.
  6. The 2nd room has 4 levers. Pull the SW lever to open the door.
  7. The 3rd room has 6 levers. Pull the middle lever on the north wall to open the door.
  8. The 4th room has 8 levers. Pull the 2nd lever on the south wall to open the door.
  9. The 5th room has 4 levers. Pull the NW lever on the north wall to open the Door.
  10. The 6th room has 4 levers. Pull the NE lever on the east wall to open the door.
  11. Through the 6th door is a portal to Presk's Treasury (Warning: hot drop).
  12. Inside the treasury is a room with 3 Lugian Guardians, Captain Keeson, and 4 perched Lugian throwers. The room also has exploding rock traps.
  13. Run to the southwest corner and start attacking Captain Keeson and the Lugian Guardians.
    • Note 1: It is still possible to be hit by the rock traps and thrown rocks in the corners, but the amount of hits is greatly reduced.
    • Note 2: The Lugians use Dirty Fighting, so beware of health drains. Captain Keeson's weapon randomly casts bludgeon vulnerability also.
    • Note 3: The drop inside Presk's Treasury is Hot, 3 x Lugian Guardians, Captain Keeson and a Door on the opposite side of the room.
  14. Once Captain Keeson is dead, loot the Treasury Key off of his corpse to unlock the nearby door. Jump across the pit (1/4 power) and hand your Sealed Scroll for Commander Presk to Commander Presk for a Legendary Key and a Sealed Scroll for Raksaa. The legendary chests are nearby.
  15. Head back to the Encampment near Rynthid Infested Plains and hand your Sealed Scroll for Raksaa to Raksaa for your rewards.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Presk's Bunker 61.6S, 63.2W -- --
Presk's Treasury N/A -- --


Experience: 500,000,000 (Fixed)
Luminance: 20,000


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Opening Dialog

Raksaa tells you, "We have heard rumors that one of the corrupted Lugians named Commander Presk is seeking to break free from the control that the Rynthid are trying to impose. We must take advantage of this!"

Raksaa tells you, "If he is willing to accept aid from Linvak, we may be able to swing the war against these Rynthid in our favor."

Raksaa tells you, "Be wary of his minions. They will not recognize you as friend or ally and will attack you on sight, but if you can reach Commander Presk within his bunker, he may be willing to consider our offer."

Raksaa tells you, "Deliver this sealed scroll that contains our proposal to the Commander inside his bunker to the Southwest and return to me right away with his response...that is, if you survive Presk's forces and he doesn't crush you into jelly."

Raksaa gives you Sealed Scroll for Commander Presk.
Rewards Dialog

You allow Commander Presk to examine your Sealed Scroll for Commander Presk.

You hand over all of your Sealed Scroll for Commander Presks.

You hand the Sealed Scroll to Commander Presk.

Commander Presk tells you, "This is quite an interesting offer. Bring this document to your Raksaa."

Commander Presk tells you, "And a small token for your assistance, little messenger. Quickly use your key and then begone."

Commander Presk gives you Legendary Key.

Commander Presk gives you Sealed Scroll for Raksaa.

You allow Raksaa to examine your Sealed Scroll for Raksaa.

You hand over all of your Sealed Scroll for Raksaas.

Raksaa takes the sealed scroll and begins to read the contents.

Raksaa tells you, "Good, good. Commander Presk has agreed that working with the "vermin" of Linvak is an acceptable solution to destroy the oppressive stranglehold of the Rynthid. This is a far better response than I expected."

Raksaa tells you, "It is a small step, but it is a step forward in ridding the Plains of these vile creatures. Your courage is most impressive, a lesser creature could never have hoped to survive Commander Presk's warriors."

Raksaa tells you, "This stone feels too light for throwing, perhaps you can find a use for it."

You've earned 529,999,971 experience.

You've earned 21,199 Luminance.

Raksaa gives you Casting Stone.

Update History

The Quest for Freedom

  • Quest introduced.
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