Introduced:  Release
Lugian Axe
Lugian Axe Icon.png
  • Value: 750
  • Burden: 5,000
  • Skill: Heavy Weapons (Axe)
  • Damage: 13.5 - 27 , Slashing
  • Speed: Very Slow (120)
  • Wield requires base Heavy Weapons 250

Lugian Axe


  • Store-bought version of this common Loot Item.
  • A game glitch comes from when players occasionally scratch eyebrows; when holding a Lugian Axe, the player still scratches an eyebrow with the same hand, therefore handling the axe and moving his arm as if the said axe was light as a pencil. This frequently happens when your player idles by standing at the same place for a period of time.

Sold By

Update History

Master of Arms

  • Weapon skill changed from Axe to Light Weapons.
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