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Lugians, a race of massive gray giants, were among the first arrivals on Dereth. They are incredibly massive and strong – the average Lugian is eight feet tall and weighs half a ton.[1][2]

They live, for the most part, in the Linvak Mountains in the south of Osteth, where their fortress of Linvak Tukal was built.[1][2] (This translates as “Great Tukal” – Tukal being a city on their homeworld equal in size and importance to Ispar's Tirethas, Roulea, or Celdon.[1]) They are determined, single-minded fighters, and their massive fists can crush a common human with a single blow.[1][2]

The majority of Lugians possess a great vulnerable to electrical attacks by magic and weapon, perhaps as a result of their earthen nature. However, it is noteworthy to observe that the strange armor used by the Raiders in the Valley of Death renders them incredibly vulnerable to Cold weapon attacks once they are Imperilled.[1]


On Tuu

The Lugian homeworld is called Tuu, after one of their gods (“god of rocks and things that sit around” in one translation). It is a cold and mountainous world with no moons to grace the night. Instead, “The Forge of Heaven,” a massive nebula that fills one-third of the sky, serves as a source of illumination after sunset.[1]

Ancient scrolls record the earliest history of the Lugians when clans of nomad Lugians, led by powerful male warriors, roam the planet Tuu. Clan leadership is obtained by killing all rivals in combat. Female Lugians are no more than clan property, left in their ramshackle villages, responsible only for feeding the clan and caring for the young.[3]

The females of one clan create the first forge, forever altering Lugian society. The fire and smoke of the forge call to mind the wisps and trails seen in the massive nebula that dominates the night skies over Tuu. This similarity causes the superstitious men to believe that the women have somehow called down the power of the gods and accordingly allow the women to gain more power in their clan. With their advanced weapons, this clan dominates all rival clans and establishes a matriarchal rule.[4] This was referred to as the "Prime Compact", and the basics of the philosophy of "Arm, Mind and Heart" were laid down by Lauriagnel, the first matriarch.[5]

Fringe clans that resisted the rule of the Matriarchs conquer the capital city of Tukal, home of the Grand Assembly and Supreme Mother. The Supreme Mother flees to the mountainous region of Daegot, while the Supreme Father and an imposter remain behind and are murdered, convincing the invading clans that the Supreme Mother is dead.[4] This period is referred to as the "Ceaseless Night".[5] Those loyal to the Matriarchs make the first discoveries of magic and alchemy using rare elements found in the mountains of Daegot.[6] Loyalists to the Matriarchs declare war on the clans still holding Tukal and this war between the Matriarchs and the clans lasts until a Lugian general, Gholl, responsible for one-quarter of the clan forces is captured by the Matriarchs. As tired of the war as they are, Gholl reaches an agreement with them: In exchange for the hand of the next Supreme Mother, and equal seats for men in a new Grand Assembly, he will join his forces with them. Four years later, the clans holding Tukal are finally defeated. [6] After this "Second Compact", the traditions of "Arm, Mind, Heart" enjoyed a large resurgence.[5]

On Dereth

It is clear that the Empyreans already visited the world of the Lugians during the Hyrethis Eipoth[7] The portal to Tuu, home world of the Lugians, was opened. Empyrean researchers, concerned about the size and aggressiveness of the world's inhabitants, use spells to disguise themselves.[6]

In PY 11, in the mountains of southern Osteth, Lugian miners discover veins of the magically inert ore Chorizite, which they use to fashion powerful weapons. Items constructed from this ore are called "hollow" due to their ability to resist and cut through magical enchantments. [8]

The titanic Lugian city of Linvak Tukal is completed high in the Linvak Mountains by Lord Kresovus' clan, which had risen to become the most powerful Lugian clan in the years following their arrival on Dereth.[8]

Seeing the power of this clan, the Virindi approach Kresovus with an offer of vast power in exchange for Chorizite to use in their experiments. But Kresovus refuses and proposes to the council of clans that an agreement be reached with the Isparians to resist any Virindi efforts to seize the mines. Some of the clans violently disagree, the most vocal of which are the clans responsible for the mines, since they have borne the brunt of Isparian Chorizite raids. The Virindi approach these rebel clans and suggest that, in exchange for Chorizite, they will provide the rebels with a means to overthrow Lord Kresovus. These clans agree and establish a siege camp around Linvak Tukal, waiting for their Virindi allies to provide the means to breech the city's defenses.[8]

After months of delay, the Virindi allies of the rebel Lugian Raiders provide the means to breech Linvak Tukal's defenses. In a series of pitched battles, Lord Kresovus' clan and other allied clans hold off the rebel attacks. However, one rebel raiding party is able to break through the city's defenses long enough to steal sacred artifacts brought from Tuu. Isparians travelers who brave the rebel picket lines to enter Linvak Tukal are welcomed to the town by Lord Kresovus. Those Isparians who wish to help the besieged Lugians are told of the missing artifacts and eventually are able to retrieve them from the rebel encampments scattered throughout the southern mountains.[8]

With the activities of the Renegade, or Gotrok Lugians increasing, Kresovus allied himself with the Isparians led by Elysa Strathelar and the Aun Tumeroks of Timaru. This culminated in the founding of the city of Candeth Keep, where the three races lived and worked together.[9][10] He employed several activities to counteract the plans of the Renegades.[11]

Since that time, the alliance between the lugians associated with Kresovus, the Aun Tumerok of Timaru and New Aluvia only grew stronger, and the lugians have acted as advisors of Elysa Strathelar ever since. [12][13][14]

Later on, Lord Kresovus bid the Archmage Kifandal to open a portal to Linvak Tukal at the base of their citadel as a welcoming gesture to his allies. [15]


On Tuu:

On Dereth:


Lugians are in love with the earth and works of artifice. They have never been seen to use magic, and discovered and developed Chorizite, the magically inert ore that is forged into mage-killing “hollow” weapons. As Linvak Tukal proves, they are superlative engineers and inventors, with a preference for simple, rugged construction. [1]

Religions and Beliefs

Strength, Focus, Purity: these words are the lodestones for the Lugian people. They guide them from the womb to the soil.[5] The Traditions of the Heart, the Mind, and the Arm, while having only a small following during the Ceaseless Night on Tuu, have enjoyed a large resurgence after the Second Compact. Even on Dereth, where the Second Compact has become largely meaningless, the Traditions survive.[5]

Customs and Traditions

Lugian society on Dereth is clannish and structured, employing a rigid caste system and a strict code of honor to enforce order among their ranks. Their five castes, from lowest to highest, are Laigus (commoner), Amploth (artisan), Obeloth (fighter), Lithos (champion), Gigas (governor), Extas (patriarch or matriarch), and Tiatus (smith). Lugians are severe isolationists: intruders in their steadings are slain swiftly and without mercy.[1]


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