Lugian Exemplar

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Amploth Lugian

  • On death:
Amploth Lugian tells you, "I thought better of your people. Perhaps you are an exception. Beware my blade if we should meet again."

A Reign of Stone

Extas Lugian

  • Sayings:
Extas Lugian says, "Fellow warriors, aid me!"
  • Messages:
Extas Lugian tells you, "Cruath Quasith?" Your kind often says that when hunting us. Does it mean 'Kill me now?'"
Extas Lugian tells you, "I gather you are not a mighty wizard among your kind. It would be best if you learned your role."
Extas Lugian tells you, "Come back no more, frail one, slaying your kind has lost its challenge."

The Widening Gyre

Singular Lugian Warlord

  • Message:
Singular Lugian Warlord tells you, "Human weakling! Have you come to plunder our stocks of minerals? You will not leave here alive!"

Heart of Woe

Raider Juggernaut

  • Message:
Raider Juggernaut resists your spell
Raider Juggernaut tells you, "Our former masters have given us but one true gift. You have just felt its weight. Perhaps you would do better at catching my assault!"
The thunder of Raider Juggernaut crushing [Player Name] is followed by the deafening silence of your death!
Raider Juggernaut tells you, "Like a sound I have heard so often your final scream brings joy to my soul."
  • Sayings:
Raider Juggernaut says, "Gotrok, to my side! The Isparians have begun to fight back."


Gotrok Juggernaut

  • Sayings:
Gotrok Juggernaut resists your spell
Gotrok Juggernaut tells you, "A magic lightshow? You should probably run now mage."

Gotrok Titan

  • Message:
Gotrok Titan resists your spell
Gotrok Titan tells you, "Your power is not in the endeavour of magic. Does it lie in a test of arms?"
  • Sayings:
Gotrok Titan says, "You have come to a crossroads where your life shall come to an end!"

Mired Hearts

Gotrok Fortress Guard

  • Sayings:
Gotrok Fortress Guard says, "Sound the alarm! We're under attack!"
  • Messages:
Gotrok Fortress Guard tells you, "Their edges are barbed and worn! Strike hard and fast my brothers!"
Gotrok Fortress Guard tells you, "The ridicule of this death will never end. Why could you not be a drudge instead?"

Pillars Made of Sand

General Fostok

  • Sayings:
General Fostok says, "This end by my fists and weapons. Your body shall crumple like the walls of Linvak Tukal!"
  • On death:
[Player Name] has struck a mortal blow to Fostok. As the Lugian General falls to the ground motionless, his helmet falls from his head.

Lord Muldaveus

  • Global Broadcast:
Muldaveus' voice thunders over the land, "Niarltah, we must flee. The Isparians have overrun our position. Come Morgluuk and Torgluuk, we will take you to the safety of our hidden fortress. Fostok, Amanua, get in here and clean up this tripe!"


Banished Lugian

  • Area message:
Banished Lugian polishes a stack of boulders.

Fallen Lugian

  • Area Message:
Fallen Lugian confirms the excellent balance of his weapon.


Dire Champion Lugian

  • Messages:
You cast Astyrrian's Gift on Dire Champion Lugian
Dire Champion Lugian tells you, "You have made a fatal mistake human."
Dire Champion Lugian resists your spell
Dire Champion Lugian tells you, "Your charms don't work on me human!"

Gears of Change

Lugian Warlord

  • Area Message:
Lugian Warlord organizes battle plans.
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