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Luma Homini
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Luma was a, possibly Aluvian, healer[1] and member of the Knights of the Golden Flame.[2]

During one of its explorations, the "Tremblant Party", consisting of Joffre Tremblant, Yarick Pathwarden, Palomar Ben-Cabalah, Ion Lundgren, Fidisa the Agile and Luma Homini, disappeared. Though it was rumored they might have been caught in the middle of the dispute between Neydisa Castle and Bandit Castle[3], slain by the wild beasts in that area[4] or trapped because of bad weather[5], there was another reason for his disappearance.

It turned out, they not only searched for, but after a long search and puzzling over the Rune Inscriptions on Gelidite Standing Stones[6] [7] [8], indeed discovered the Lost City of Frore.

During the exploration, the party was slain by the Gelidites.[2] [9][1]
Fidisa was the first of the party to be killed after a first scouting of the caves and the discovery of artifacts.[9] The party moved on, but dwindling supplies, the cold and the attacks of the undead weakened them, and after Luma was killed by undead, they fled back to the gates of Frore. Here, Sir Tremblant was slain by Fenngar, and Palomar by Ferundi.[1]

Yarick and Ion managed to escape, but got lost in the tunnels and died. The corpses of Sir Tremblant, Fadisi and Luma could not be retrieved and a memorial can be found at the entrance of the Mountain Cavern.[1]

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