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"Founded in 10 PY, Lytelthorpe was once nothing but an abandoned Empyrean Fortress overrun by Banderlings, led by a human warmonger named Wardiel the Mighty. That is until a band of brave warriors and wizards slew Wardiel, drove out the infestation and claimed the keep as their own. Since then, shops and homes have arisen in the fortress's shadow. It was once an arrival point of new Aluvians from Ispar, however near the end of 12 PY, the Virindi-altered human Martine destroyed Lytelthorpe's two arrival outposts, along with the outposts in five other towns. Since then, the town has remained relatively calm."
--Town Network Sign

  • Click here to view the Lytelthorpe page from the original Asheron's Call Manual.
  • Lytelthorpe is one of the original 9 starter towns, and as such is a good place for low level adventurers. Overlooking the town at 0.9N, 51.1E is a small keep, which is often used as a meeting place.

Map Dereth Point


To Lytelthorpe[]

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Town Network Aluvian (North) Lytelthorpe 1.1N, 51.7E None
Tou-Tou Haven Residential Halls Lytelthorpe 1.9N, 51.9E None
Uziz Haven Residential Halls Lytelthorpe 1.9N, 51.9E None

From Lytelthorpe[]

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Lytelthorpe 0.7N, 51.4E Town Network -- None
Haven Residential Halls 0.6N, 51.6E Tou-Tou 30.4S, 94.7E None
Haven Residential Halls 0.6N, 51.6E Uziz 24.3S, 28.9E None
Mannikin Foundry 0.7N, 51.4E Nanto 51.0S, 81.7E None

Settlement Portals[]

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Lytelthorpe 2.1N, 50.5E Asbel Domain 0.9S, 39.9E None
Lytelthorpe 2.2N, 50.5E Darawyll Village 9.6N, 40.9E None
Lytelthorpe 2.2N, 50.3E Devana 1.7S, 33.6E None
Lytelthorpe 2.2N, 50.4E East Lytelthorpe Settlement 0.0S, 57.5E None
Lytelthorpe 2.1N, 50.4E Enchanter's Meadow 5.7N, 36.9E None
Lytelthorpe 2.1N, 50.4E Jin-Lai Stronghold 7.5S, 60.6E None
Lytelthorpe 2.2N, 50.3E Maedew 8.9S, 64.5E None
Lytelthorpe 2.1N, 50.4E Neu Gerz Villas 7.1S, 56.9E None
Lytelthorpe 2.2N, 50.5E North Lytelthorpe Villas 6.4N, 48.9E None
Lytelthorpe 2.2N, 50.3E North Yanshi Plains Settlement 4.4S, 48.0E None
Lytelthorpe 2.2N, 50.5E Osric Cottages 5.6N, 40.8E None
Lytelthorpe 2.2N, 50.5E Riverbend Cottages 3.0S, 64.8E None
Lytelthorpe 2.3N, 50.4E South Lytelthorpe 2.3S, 53.9E None

Points of Interest[]

Landscape POIs[]


  • 0.6N, 51.5E - In Town
  • 2.3N, 51.7E - North of Town
  • 1.0N, 54.1E - East Lytelthorpe Outpost Lifestone
  • 1.1N, 48.3E - West Lytelthorpe Outpost Lifestone


Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Abyssal Olthoi Chasm 0.7N, 44.7E -- 5D4E
Cavernous Olthoi Chasm 0.7N, 44.7E -- 5D4D
Deep Olthoi Chasm 0.7N, 44.7E -- 5D4C
Dungeon Maggreth 3.7N, 52.6E -- 014F
Forgotten Temple 0.9N, 55.8E -- 0151
Hollow Lair near Lytelthorpe 2.2S, 50.7E -- 039C
Lost Distillery 0.7S, 51.2E -- 0164
Lytelthorpe Meeting Hall 0.8N, 51.6E -- --
Mannikin Foundry 0.7N, 51.4E -- 545A
Old Warehouse 8.7N, 58.1E -- 0165
Olthoi Chasm 0.7N, 44.7E -- 5D4A
Renegade Stronghold (Lytelthorpe) 2.4S, 63.7E -- 6249
Ruined Cave Outpost 2.3N, 48.3E -- 0152
Setab's Barracks 2.7N, 53.5E -- 0106
Shallow Olthoi Chasm 0.7N, 44.7E -- 5D4B
Stable Rift 8.4N, 50.5E -- 0290


NPC Name Location Type Details
Agent of the Arcanum In Town - 0.6N, 50.6E Collector Housing
Apprentice Cook (Lytelthorpe) In Town - 0.7N, 51.2E, 2nd floor Quest Crafter Quest
Archmage Den Ou In Town - 0.7N, 51.0E, 2nd floor Shopkeeper Spell comps, portal gems,
mana stones, alchemical items
Beltslora Outskirts - 1.0N, 48.3E Quest Beltslora's Pretty Shirt
Cemcera the Shopkeeper In Town - 0.5N, 51.2E Shopkeeper Armor, weapons, containers (Teal),
cooking items
Collector In Town - 0.5N, 51.4E Collector Collects various trophies
Dafrida the Tailor In Town - 0.7N, 51.2E Shopkeeper Clothes
Dame Brinna O'Shea In Keep - 1.0N, 51.1E Quest Noir Assassination Investigation
Ercel Outskirts - 1.0N, 54.3E Quest Ercel's Lost Book
Frest Greelving Outskirts - 6.0N, 43.7E Quest Frest Greelving's Haunted Mansion
Grocer Cortarn In Town - 0.5N, 51.0E, 1st floor Shopkeeper Containers, food, cooking items
Guard Chandler Hammett Outside Keep - 0.9N, 51.1E Quest Noir Assassination Investigation
Gylfolma the Scribe In Town - 0.5N, 51.0E, 2nd floor Shopkeeper Guides and rumors
Healer Beysta In Town - 0.7N, 51.4E Shopkeeper Potions, healing kits
Journeyman Scrivener of Creature Magic In Town - 0.6N, 51.5E, 2nd floor Shopkeeper Scrolls, foci
Journeyman Scrivener of Item Magic In Town - 0.6N, 51.5E, 2nd floor Shopkeeper Scrolls, foci
Journeyman Scrivener of Life Magic In Town - 0.6N, 51.5E, 1st floor Shopkeeper Scrolls, foci
Journeyman Scrivener of War Magic In Town - 0.6N, 51.5E, 1st floor Shopkeeper Scrolls, foci
Larry the Rabbit Master Outskirts - 1.9N, 41.6E Quest Bunny Master Title
Lord Aleval Top of Keep Tower - 1.0N, 51.1E Quest Exploration Society Letters
Lost Distillery Quest
Lytelthorpe Starter Quests
Riflyffa the Shopkeeper Outskirts - 1.0N, 54.3E Shopkeeper Armor, weapons, containers (Aqua)
Sathagg the Jeweler In Town - 0.7N, 51.0E Shopkeeper Gems, Jewelry
Selflora the Barkeep In Town - 0.5N, 51.4E Shopkeeper Directions, rumors, food
Sitrath the Smith In Town - 0.8N, 51.5E Shopkeeper Guides, lockpicks, tools, weapons
Slithe Tradittor Outskirts - 3.8N, 44.9E Quest Arcane Pedestal Quest
Smith Baltiff In Town - 0.8N, 51.5E Shopkeeper Armor
Taryla the Bowyer In Town - 0.7N, 51.2E - 1st floor Shopkeeper Missile weapons and ammunition
Town Crier In Town - 1.1N, 51.7E
In Town - 0.8N, 51.7E
In Town - 0.5N, 51.3E
In Town - 0.7N, 50.5E
Misc Provides rumors
Tromylda the Shopkeeper Outskirts - 1.0N, 48.3E Shopkeeper Armor, weapons, containers
Wedding Planner In Town - 0.6N, 50.6E Shopkeeper Wedding food, clothing, invitations
William Witty In Town - 0.3N, 51.8E Quest Crafts Rabbit carcass and pelts
Wing Collector In Town - 0.7N, 51.4E Collector Collects Phyntos Wasp and Gromnie wings


Creatures that are commonly found in the area surrounding Lytelthorpe.

Chicken Icon Chicken

Doll Icon Doll

Drudge Icon Drudge

Golem Icon Golem

Hollow Minion Icon Hollow Minion

Mite Icon Mite

Mosswart Icon Mosswart

Olthoi Icon Olthoi

Shadow Icon Shadow

Rabbit Icon Rabbit

Rat Icon Rat

Tusker Icon Tusker

Undead Icon Undead

Ursuin Icon Ursuin

Virindi Icon Virindi

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