Introduced:  Should the Stars Fall Related Quests:  Bandit Hilt Quest
MacNiall the Unruled
Non-Player Killer
MacNiall the Unruled Live
Race Male Aluvian
Title Bandit Leader
Location 74.0S 92.2E in MacNiall's Freehold
Level 46
Strength 240
Endurance 220
Coordination 190
Quickness 200
Focus 140
Self 160
Health 180
Stamina 320
Mana 180



MacNiall the Unruled says, "Bloody Pwyll-worshipping lackeys..."

MacNiall the Unruled says, "Don't believe what the townies on the other island tell ye, the bunch of bleating sheep that they are... Hrm. It's been a while since I seen a sheep."

MacNiall the Unruled tells you, "Arrr, and welcome to MacNiall's Freehold. Have ye seen them funny statue things the Mosswarts like to worship? I thinks their eyes is kinda pretty. Bring me one, and I'll see what I can do to reward ye."

You give MacDugal Bandit Cousins' Letter.

MacDugal tells you, "Errukh! A letter from my long-lost cousin, MacNiall! Arrr, it's good to see the old boy doing well! I ought to reward ye for this, as he says. Here then, have one of my blade hilts. I'm workin' on a way to improve daggers and light swords."

MacDugal gives you Unfinished Bandit Blade Hilt.

MacDugal tells you, "Ye'll need to finish off that hilt with a pommel from the heart of an Iron Golem, but once it's done, ye can just affix it to a dagger, simi, shortsword, yaoji or rapier. They yer blade'll be so well-balanced ye can do a fancy double or triple-strike when ye put enough skill and power into it!"

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