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Majestic Pumpkin
Non-Player Killer
Majestic Pumpkin Live
Race Havester
Title Pumpkin Spirit
Location Glenden Wood (30.7N, 27.8E)
Level 40
Strength 400
Endurance 400
Coordination 400
Quickness 400
Focus 400
Self 400
Health 300
Stamina 500
Mana 500


Lore & Dialog[]

Majestic Pumpkin tells you, "Do not fear me friend. I am a spirit of the earth and I would have you help me."

Majestic Pumpkin tells you, "A few days ago I witnessed a terrible evil while visiting one of the growing places. A monstrous form was moving in the patch. It's shape was that of a huge man, but it's body was made of my kin. I do not wish to speak of what I found in the patch after destroying the abomination. Know that it fills me with a great sadness and rage."

Majestic Pumpkin tells you, "I will not abide with these perversions of my kin. Find three of these Pumpkin Lords, as they call themselves, and destroy them. Return to me when your task is complete and I will reward you as best I can."

Item Interactions

You give Majestic Pumpkin Seed of Hope.

Majestic Pumpkin tells you, "Amazing this little seed resisted the corruption of the Pumpkin Lord. I shall give this seed the gift of growth."

The Majestic Pumpkin blows it's warm loamy breath over the seed. The seed splits, unfolding green leaves and growing into a thick vine dotted with small orange pumpkin buds.

Majestic Pumpkin tells you, "Please take care of this vine for me. It will thrive on your caring and attention."

Majestic Pumpkin gives you Sprouting Pumpkin Vine.

Majestic Pumpkin tells you, "Be sure to take it's pumpkins out for a walk every once in awhile."

You give Majestic Pumpkin Seeds of Anger.

Majestic Pumpkin tells you, "These appear to be the cause of the problem. Someone has sown the seed of anger in my patches. Here, take this Golden Pumpkin as a reward my friend."

Majestic Pumpkin gives you Golden Pumpkin.