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Introduced during the Ancient Powers event, Mana Forges are one of the locations where you can get large amounts of tier 7 loot with "Luck" (higher quality items from that tier).

The chests vary in the probability of what they will contain. All chests can produce any item, but a weapon chest will contain mostly weapons most of the time, research/mage chests will contain mostly VIII spell components, armor will contain mostly armor, and the equipment chests will contain a mix of mostly armor and weapons. Advanced chests will contain more jewelry and clothing items.

Keys can be obtained by hunting Shattered Mana Forge Keys and repairing them using Lockpick skill or as a reward from a number of different quests and tasks (see below).

Each Mana Forge also has an Arcanum Quota Officer who gives a single use key in exchange for 10 Pristine Mana Shards (up to five times per week, 150+) and an Arcanum Mana-smith who gives a key for 25 Pristine Mana Shards for those below 150 in level. There is also an Arcanum Broker at each forge who will buy unwanted loot from the chests and a Garbage Barrel for junk loot.

The pristine shards were originally available as Trophies from creatures that drop tier 7 loot, but they were removed from creature drops in the Balance of Power event.



Mana Forge Chests

Mana Forge Chest Items Commonly Found Rarely Found
Advanced Equipment Chest 7
  • Spell Component (1)
  • Armor/Shields (1-4)
  • Weapons (1-3 With Spells and 0-1 w/o spells)
  • Clothing (0-2)
  • Jewelry (0-2)
  • Item Sets (0-2)
  • Aetheria (0-1)
  • Trinkets (0-1)?
  • Cloaks (0-1)
  • Dinnerware (0-1)
Armor Chest 7
  • Armor/Shields (5-7)
  • Item Sets (0-4)
  • Clothing (0-2)
  • Shields (0-2)
  • Aetheria (0-1)?
Magic Chest 7
  • Spell Components (4)
  • 2 Spelled Items (Armor, Weapon, Clothing, or Jewelery)
  • Weapon (0-1 without spells)
  • Trinkets (0-1)
  • Item Sets (0-1)?
  • Jewelry (0-1)?
  • Aetheria (0-1)?
  • Cloak (0-1)?
Mixed Equipment Chest 7
  • Spell Components (2)
  • Armor (0-3)
  • Clothing (0-2)?
  • Jewelry (0-1)?
  • Weapons (0-3 With Spells and 0-1 w/o spells)
  • Item Sets (0-2)
  • Summoning Essence 150 (0-1)
  • Aetheria (0-1)?
  • Dinnerware (0-1)?
  • Trinkets (0-1)?
  • Cloak (0-1)?
Weapon Chest 7
  • Weapons (6-7 with spells)
  • ??


Shattered Mana Forge Key Icon.png Shattered Mana Forge KeyMana Forge Key Icon.png Mana Forge KeyBraced Mana Forge Key Icon.png Braced Mana Forge KeyStrengthened Mana Forge Key Icon.png Strengthened Mana Forge KeyFortified Mana Forge Key Icon.png Fortified Mana Forge KeyReinforced Mana Forge Key Icon.png Reinforced Mana Forge Key

How to Obtain Keys

Lore & Dialog

Arcanum Mana-smith tells you, "Welcome to the Mana Forge!"
Arcanum Mana-smith tells you, "This wonderful place is one of three locations where the Arcanum is putting the wonders of the Ley Lines to work for the betterment of all Dereth."
Arcanum Mana-smith tells you, "If you wish to partake of the works of the Mana Forges, there is something you must do."



Update History

Risks and Rewards

Seeds of Corruption

Shifting Tactics

  • Loot profiles significantly improved:
    • 400 high stat and 420 weapons now more common.
    • All item sets now have an equal chance of occurring.
    • Less artwork (dinnerware) will now generate.

Old Ghosts

  • Chests upgraded to include one more item.
  • Loot profiles significantly changed.


  • Chest profiles updated to fix some unintended effects of adding aetheria. Each chest now drops six items with one item slot reserved for a no spell weapon or a coalesced aetheria.

Master of Arms

Balance of Power

  • Item stats improved (see Loot/Stats).
  • Spell components removed from all chests except for Magic chests and
  • Weapon chests now drop 7 spelled weapons.
  • Armor chests now drop 7 spelled armor pieces.
  • Pristine Mana Shards removed from creature trophy drops.

Disturbance in the Desert