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Introduced:  Ancient Powers
Mana Scarab
Mana Scarab Icon.png
  • Value: 15,000
  • Burden: 4
  • Properties: Bonded


  • Used to cast level VIII spells and to infuse Quills as part of the scroll creation process for level VIII spells.
  • Level VIII (8) spells are now available to be learned using stipends in Arwic. Turn your stipend certificates in where you gain experience to get your Level VIII (8) Spells.

Sold By

Shopkeeper Nearest Town Coordinates Cost
Hacha Jien the Archmage Freebooter Keep Black Market 15,750
Arqubal the Archmage Northwatch Castle Black Market 81.5N 25.0E 15,750
Farnor the Archmage Celestial Hand Stronghold 21,000
Raenholm the Archmage Eldrytch Web Stronghold 21,000
Vermilia the Archmage Radiant Blood Stronghold 21,000
Gilly Candeth Keep 87.2S, 67.5W 27,000

Update History

Forces of Nature

  • Value decreased from 50,000 to 15,000.