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In addition to the map, there is also an extra tab on this panel for listing details of any owned house such as the location and the rent cost. A green icon is also displayed on the ingame map showing the location of your home.

The map panel can be opened using the button on the interface or by pressing the F10 key.


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Displays the following:


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Displays the following:

  • The purchase price and rent of your current dwelling.
  • Purchase date.
  • Mantainance period ending and rent due dates.
  • The location of your dwelling.
  • When your housing timer is up.


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Update History

The Widening Gyre

  • House panel added.


  • Housing panel now displays maintenance period and maintenance payment due dates.

Hidden Vein

  • Tooltips for town names added to map.
  • Settlements previously represented by a white dot now have their own separate icon.

Reign of Terror

  • Fort Neydisa and Bandit Castle added to map.

Waking From the Abyss

  • All characters on the account owning a house now have access to the house panel and the maintenance status.

Throne of Destiny

  • Map updated to a more detailed version.
  • Points of Interest removed from game map because they were deemed either out of date, or of less interest than places that didn't have markers.

Toward Ancient Shores

  • Most of the original Points of Interest markers put back on the in-game map due to popular demand.
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