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Mask Makers

During the fall season, many creatures will drop heads and other body parts as trophies. These can be given to three of the mask makers (Trilaine di Ricard only crafts heritage masks) for masks, guises and other items.

The Aluvian, Gharu'ndim and Sho mask makers also have an apprentice mask maker, who will improve and craft various other items such as custom thrown weapons and modifications to quest gauntlets. Each apprentice is found with their master.

See each mask maker's page for a list of the items they accept.

Mask Maker Apprentice Race Location
Alexander the Deft Alexander's Apprentice Aluvian Eastham (17.4N, 63.5E)
Tsua Kagemata Tsua's Apprentice Sho Sawato (28.7S, 59.3E)
Janda Sulifiya Janda's Apprentice Gharu'ndim Al-Jalima (7.4N, 4.6E)
Trilaine di Ricard* None Viamontian Sanamar (72.1N, 61.2W)

* Can only craft heritage masks and will not accept other creature trophies.

Virindi Mask Repairers

Virindi mask repairers will fix the broken masks dropped by Virindi creatures. The repaired masks can also be given to the four racial mask makers for special Heritage Masks.

Mask Maker Location
Diyas al-Yat Zaikhal (13.8N, 0.1E)
Leopold Ayan Baqur (59.2S, 88.3W)
Vincadi Old Yanshi (12.6S, 46.7E)


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