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Master Arbitrator
Non-Player Killer
Master Arbitrator Live
Race Golem
Title Empyrean Servant
Location Colosseum
Level 200
Strength 680
Endurance 640
Coordination 630
Quickness 550
Focus 550
Self 585
Health 1120
Stamina 1491
Mana 1085


  • Route: From Yanshi run due west to 11.3S 37.6E.


Master Arbitrator tells you, "Welcome to Colosseum! Colosseum begins. Enter the Colosseum. This is the time for challenge. Be strong, and you will be rewarded."

Master Arbitrator tells you, "Here citizens from Habreous, Yalaini and Dericost match their skills against the greatest gladiators, warriors and mages in the Empire!"

Master Arbitrator tells you, "If you wish to fight as a gladiator in the Arena I will require you to purchase a ticket from the Ticket Vendors over there. We do need to keep the place running don't we?"

Master Arbitrator tells you, "Also, I warn you now. Prepare your fellowship ahead of time. Once you pay me you cannot change your registered group and only that group will be allowed into the Arena I assign you. After you enter the Arena you must wait one hour before recieving your reward. Our gladiators need time to rest between fights."

Gladiator Diemos Token

You give Master Arbitrator Gladiator Diemos Token.

Master Arbitrator gives you Arbitrator's Augmentation Token.

Master Arbitrator tells you, "I see that you have proved your skill against the Champion, Gladiator Diemos. Well done indeed. I hereby grant you the title, Immortal Champion."

Master Arbitrator tells you, "In addition to your new title and this useful hook caster, I'll also give you a token that you can trade back to me for a great deal of practical knowledge, or you can trade it in to Fiun Rehlyun at the Fiun settlement in the Halaetan Isles for a blank Augmentation gem. A difficult decision, I know."

Master Arbitrator gives you Gladiator Diemos Statue.

Gladiator Diemos Statue

You allow Master Arbitrator to examine your Gladiator Diemos Statue.

Master Arbitrator tells you, "You do not desire this trophy? I apologize, I have quite run out of space for it here. I cannot take it back from you."

Ancient Falatacot Trinket

You allow Master Arbitrator to examine your Ancient Falatacot Trinket.

A quake runs through the golem and its eyes flash in disgust.

Master Arbitrator says, "Blood Magic! Blood Magic! Guards! Blood Magic!"

Ancient Empyrean Trinket

You allow Master Arbitrator to examine your Ancient Empyrean Trinket.

Master Arbitrator tells you, "Oh, I remember these! I haven't seen one of these in... quite a long time I suppose. You should keep this safe. Wouldn't want it falling into the wrong hands now would we?"