Introduced:  Flesh and Blood Related Quests:  Elysa's Favor Quest
Menacet's Orders
Menacet's Orders Icon
  • Value: 0
  • Burden: 5
  • Properties: Attuned, Bonded
  • 2 of 2 pages full.

Dranith--you are a faithful servant. I was...harsh during my last visit. I forget what it was like to have an unreasonable master. You did not fail. All goes according to plan.

I am proud of you, my creation. I look at you, at your anger, the bright beautiful purity of your rage, and I am content with my work.

Remember, you must instruct the infiltrators to have patience, to wait for the right moment to strike. Too soon, and they will be slaughtered before they reach the child.

Did this child hurt me? Is he the reason why I am what I am? No. But Asheron took my family away from me. And if I cannot find him, I will at least cause him pain, pain enough to make him wish death. I am familiar with that type of pain.

- M


You give Sir Tenshin Menacet's Orders.

Sir Tenshin reads the note you found in the Hall of Hollows.

Sir Tenshin tells you, "As I suspected--I thought they would try to infiltrate our ranks to gain access to Queen Elysa. But who would have thought they would be so low as to try to murder Borealean, Thorsten Cragstone's own son? The storm gathers once more...but nevermind. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed this day, comrade. Let me bestow upon you a mark of our Queen's favor, in recognition of your service to the crown of New Aluvia."

Sir Tenshin gives you Elysa's Favor.

Sir Tenshin gives you Sturdy Iron Key.

Sir Tenshin gives you Sturdy Iron Key.

You give Dame Tsaya Menacet's Orders.

Dame Tsaya sighs deeply and shuts her eyes after reading the contents of the folded note.

Dame Tsaya tells you, "I was right, in all except one thing. It was Borelean's life at stake, not Elysa's. And to attempt his murder through us, the Queen's own audacious plan. Martine deserves no mercy for this, you have my word. We of the Strathelar Guard owe you a great debt for warding off what would have been a terrible tragedy--especially for Elysa and Asheron."

Dame Tsaya gives you Elysa's Favor.

Dame Tsaya gives you Sturdy Iron Key.

Dame Tsaya gives you Sturdy Iron Key.

You give Sir Rylanan Menacet's Orders.

Sir Rylanan unfolds the note and reads it carefully.

Sir Rylanan tells you, "So...this was all a plot to kill our Queen's son--through us, her own Guards! We, who have sworn to protect her heir! I hope you gave those evil doers a good thrashing! Martine will pay for this some day! Let me reward you--you have done the kingdom of New Aluvia a great service on this day. We owe you a debt of gratitude."

Sir Rylanan gives you Elysa's Favor.

Sir Rylanan gives you Sturdy Iron Key.

Sir Rylanan gives you Sturdy Iron Key.

  • This text has no given author, but the text credits M, short for Candeth Martine.
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