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Introduced:  Upping the Ante Related Quests:  Tentacles of T'thuun
Merwart Mundagurg
Non-Player Killer
Merwart Mundagurg Live
Race Merwart
Title Explorer
Location 59.7S 88.2W in Ayan Baqur
Level 80
Strength 180
Endurance 240
Coordination 210
Quickness 200
Focus 150
Self 150
Health 220
Stamina 390
Mana 150


Lore & Dialog[]

Merwart Mundagurg tells you, "You! Yes you can help! I serve the great god Angry Grandfather from that human town nearby. I explore lands for him. But I am stopped now. There is a big stinky fin-face acid-spitter nest north of here! They are crawling out of a hole in the water! Interfering with my exploration! Kill their leader, the biggest and stinkiest one of them all! Bring me hand of Blightfinger, and I give you reward!"

Merwart Mundagurg tells you, "Have you killed Blightfinger yet? Taken his big stinky hand? No? What you wait for then? You forget? I tell you already, he live in hole in the ground, north of here, along beach! Just follow beach and find Blightfinger and his stinky friends!"

You give Merwart Mundagurg Hand of Blightfinger. Merwart Mundagurg tells you, "You did it! I dance for joy if Angry Grandfather not think it so undignified! You deserve big reward, human. Take this club, I need no more." Merwart Mundagurg gives you Club of Surprising Cunning. You've earned 13,765,337 experience. Merwart Mundagurg tells you, "If you no like club, I take it back, in exchange for enlightenment. If you get stronger and want to make club stronger, bring me golem heart, I carve for you to attach to club. What heart? Memory so bad... Platinum! Yes! Bring me Platinum Golem Heart, I carve for you to strap to club, make club whang harder!"

You give Merwart Mundagurg Club of Surprising Cunning. Merwart Mundagurg tells you, "You no like? Your loss. Great weapon. Soon to make many legends. Oh, well. Humans dumb, like Angry Grandfather always say." You've earned 3,441,334 experience.