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Introduced:  Under Cover of Night Related Quests:  Remoran Fist
Merwart Pelagurg
Non-Player Killer
Merwart Pelagurg Live
Race Merwart
Title Maw Crafter
Location 79.5N 58.9E near drop on Vissidal
Level 130
Strength 220
Endurance 240
Coordination 250
Quickness 200
Focus 150
Self 150
Health 220
Stamina 390
Mana 150


Crafter Turn Ins[]

Accepted Items Rewards
Experience Pyreals Items
Bloodmouth Maw Icon Bloodmouth Maw 2,500,000
Remoran Fist Icon Remoran Fist
Remoran Fist Icon Remoran Fist 13,000,000 None

Lore & Dialog[]

Merwart Pelagurg tells you, "Help me, human! Before Angry Grandfather showed us the way of the blue stone, my family was killed, eaten, devoured by horrible Bloodmouth Remoran! I seek vengeance!"
Merwart Pelagurg tells you, "Go find Bloodmouth Remoran by the ruin of my house near the bay east of here. Kill them, and bring me back a Bloodmouth Maw! It may be difficult, because their wicked jaws are so well concealed inside their hateful little heads! But I will reward you with a weapon like the one I hold!"

You give Merwart Pelagurg Bloodmouth Maw.
You've earned 2,500,000 experience.
Merwart Pelagurg gives you Remoran Fist.
Merwart Pelagurg tells you, "I thank you, human. This means Bloodmouth have died and that makes me less sad. Let me reward you..."
Merwart Pelagurg tells you, "If you don't like that weapon, give it back to me and I will share knowledge with you."
Merwart Pelagurg tells you, "Ah, it is you, who showed me kindness before. I thank you, human. If you get another Bloodmouth Maw, I can make you another Remoran Fist weapon... And if you don't like your Remoran Fist, you can give it to me and I will share knowledge with you."

You give Merwart Pelagurg Remoran Fist.
Merwart Pelagurg tells you, "You don't like the weapon I made? Too bad. But not everyone fights the same way. I will share knowledge with you instead."
You've earned 13,000,000 experience.