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Mhoire Infiltration
Level: 150
Rec. Level: 200
Type: Fellowship
Starts With: Mhoire Soldier
Starts At: Graveyard at at 65.4S, 44.0W
Repeat: 20 Hours
Contracts: Contract for Geraine's Study


House Mhoire needs help to investigating the whereabouts of Geraine, and the missing book.

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Head to Geraine's Study, at 82.9N, 6.4W.
  2. Once inside, take each corridor (East, West, and South), killing creatures and looting the Stone Tablets from their corpses.
    1. Stone Tablet (Circular)
    2. Stone Tablet (Crescent)
    3. Stone Tablet (Crossed)
    4. Stone Tablet (Star)
    5. Stone Tablet (Triangular)
    6. Stone Tablet (Wavy)
    • Tip 1: It's a good idea to collect as many Stone Tablets as you can, because the quest requires different ones depending on what parchments you find.
    • Tip 2: If you find multiple sets of the correct tablets, you can solve the puzzle and go directly to Geraine on immediate subsequent runs.
  3. At the end of each wing, you will need find a key in order to obtain a Torn Parchment, which will help unlock the puzzle:
    1. East door key - The key is found on a Cultist High Priest, and the parchment is found by using the book on the table beyond the locked door.
    2. West door key - The key is found on a Cultist High Priest, and the parchment is located on a Wight Captain in the dead-end room beyond the locked door.
    3. South door key - The key is found on a Wight Captain in a dead end room, and the parchment is found on a corpse in a cell which requires the key to open.
    • Lockpick Bonus: There is a Chorizite Chest behind the desk in the Wight Captain room.
  4. Once you have all three torn parchments, return to the main room (with the altars and bookshelves), and use the number on the icon along with the tear location (in the description) to determine which book contains the proper sequence:
    • The parchment which is torn down the right side indicates how many bookshelves to count (from left to right).
    • The parchment torn down both sides or down the middle indicates what row on the bookshelf (from top to bottom).
    • The parchment torn down the left side indicates what book to use (from left to right).
      • Note: Only books with stone tablet icons count. Skip over empty spine books as you count.
  5. Once you have identified the right book, use the three icons on its spine to break the code:
    • The tablet matching the Top icon goes to the West altar.
    • The tablet matching the Middle icon goes to the Middle altar.
    • The tablet matching the Bottom icon goes to the East altar.
  6. Have one person in your party hand the proper stone tablet to each altar. If you are correct, the doors to the north will open.
  7. Work your way north a short ways until you reach Renselm (an undead). Kill it, and more doors will open to the north, revealing a large room with Geraine and several cell doors inside.
  8. Once through the doors, you will find Geraine standing at the far side of the room.
    • Warning: Do not attack Geraine until all participants are in the room. Attacking him will cause the entry doors to close and they will not re-open upon his death.
  9. Once you kill Geraine, the cell doors around the room will open, allowing you to loot a Book from the tables inside.
    • Note: The books will not respawn, so it may be necessary to kill Geraine again with a larger group.
    • Geraine also drops 9 Legendary Keys on a 27 day timer.
  10. Take the book to the Mhoire Soldier (65.4S 44.0W) in Graveyard for your rewards.
  • Weeping or AR fire seem to work best on Geraine (he is a Human)
  • There are no special death messages after killing Renselm or Geraine. Geraine is also classified as a Human, not Empyrean/Dericost/Undead. Since there are many Cultists (Raven Hand?) in the dungeon, one could speculate if the being killed in this dungeon is the real Geraine, or perhaps one of the Raven Hand posing as Geraine.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Geraine's Study 82.9N, 6.4W -- --


Experience: 250,000,000 (25% up to level 200)
Luminance: 30,000


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Opening Dialog

Mhoire Soldier tells you, "Recent events have lessened the corrupted hold over the House of Mhoire."

Mhoire Soldier tells you, "We must use this opportunity to go after the cause of all our problems... Geraine."

Mhoire Soldier tells you, "There may be some clues about where he has been hiding out around the last place he corrupted in Dereth, the Frozen Valley."

Mhoire Soldier tells you, "If you discover anything bring it to me at once and you will be well compensated."
Giving Book to Mhoire Soldier

You allow Mhoire Soldier to examine your Book.

You hand over 1 of your Books.

Mhoire Soldier tells you, "What is this?"

Mhoire Soldier tells you, "I shouldn't be surprised his information is encoded. I am sure we will break the code with time."

Mhoire Soldier tells you, "Thank you for bringing this to me."

You've earned 250,000,000 experience.

You've earned 30,000 Luminance.

Mhoire Soldier gives you Strengthened Mana Forge Key.
Repeat Timer

Mhoire Soldier tells you, "We are still working on decoding the writing your brought us. Hopefully the text contains where Geraine has been hiding."

You must wait 20h to complete this quest again.

Update History

Road to Revenge

  • Quest added.

Balance of Power

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 27 days to 20 hours.
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