Introduced:  Wayward Prince Related Quests:  Geraine's Hosts Updated:  The Risen Princess
Mhoire Lieutenant
Mhoire Lieutenant Live
Race Undead
Location 61.9S 51.5W in Wai Jhou
Level 250
Strength 51
Endurance 33
Coordination 52
Quickness 41
Focus 37
Self 48
Health 117
Stamina 133
Mana 148

The Mhoire Lieutenant Casts the following spell on you when used;


  • During The Risen Princess event the Mhoire Lieutenan was adjusted and now persists in world longer and is not as stingy at giving out titles.
  • There does not seem to be any level restriction on using this NPC to acquire the Vigor of Mhoire +20 Health buff.

After a 5 day period the Mhoire Lieutenant will despawn.

Server NPC Activation

The team on Leafcull lead by Thase Skotoso were the 1st server to complete this quest and activate the Mhoire Lieutenant. (7/13/2012)


  • Team led by Thase Skotoso: (7/13/2012)
    • The team included Trunkz, Picaro, Mentha, and efforts leading up to this Win include clan members : The Mighty, Majik Maker, Mysterious Assasain, Ovak and Arc 'Kane.


  • Team led by Absolution:(7/14/2012)
    • The team included Ciara ni Fyst, Tectonic Rifts, Mustafah ibn-Jubair , Xu Shu, Obscurity, Rollie Wedge, Talent Scam, S o A Scion Rahzahrus, Siddha, Verbalistic, Diazmage, and Cabbage Babbage, with help from Brount and Quasar al'Bright


  • Team led by Lethal Dosage:(7/15/2012)
    • The team included Grips (with several alts), Cose, Al Capwn, Vaam, Millatsz, Raven Youh, Light of Death, E V O, Stratis and Konnir.


  • Team lead by ShedaoShai: (7/20/2012)
    • The team included  ???


  • Team led by Taomagicdragon: (7/21/2012)
    • The team included Sergeant Stab, Laris Bloodsong, Duppy, Absinthium, Mr Smash, Kin-Shou, Faithless Whisper, Gaffman, First Wizard, Alushe the Reaper, Marzuk Reborn, Quilt, Og Bot, Italiano, Xenocide, Devine Mystic, Bindlestiff, Crystiana, Jb the Mtneer and Basstud.


  • Team lead by Nickk's Revenge: (7/22/2012)
    • The teams included :
      • Fiery : Leader : Sol Furic - Team : Ygg, Bowman the Wise and Mari Elisa
      • Charged : Leader : Neo I - Team :
      • Frozen : Leader : Nickk's Revenge - Team : Cool Hands Luke
      • Acidic : Leader : Boeos Mage - Team :
      • Cavernous : Leader : Gwendolyn du Avalon - Team : Azanko, Azi, Guinevere du Avalon, Mervie, Widgit
      • Shadowy : Leader : Klien Rox - Team :
      • Twisted : Leader : Bad Magik - Team :


  • Team lead by _________: (mm/dd/yyyy))
    • The team included  ???


  • Team lead by _________: (mm/dd/yyyy)
    • The team included  ???


  • Team lead by _________: (mm/dd/yyyy)
    • The team included  ???

Lore & Dialog

Mhoire Lieutenant says. "Our Lieutenant has traveled to Wai Jhou to set up a forward position for our troops."
Mhoire Lieutenant says. "I am sure he would like to meet those who defeated all of Geraine's Hosts."

Mhoire Lieutenant tells you, "The citizens of New Aluvia have indeed struck a powerful blow against the evil that is Geraine."
Mhoire Lieutenant tells you, "It may not be much, but you all deserve this reward."

Mhoire Lieutenant cast Vigor of Mhoire on you, refreshing Vigor of Mhoire.

Title Rewards:

Mhoire Lieutenant tells you, "You must have Grounded Morals to take on a task of such extreme risk but equally great importance."You have been awarded the title of "Grounded Morals"!"

Mhoire Lieutenant tells you, "You must have a Darkened Heart from all the evil you have witnessed."You have been awarded the title of "Darkened Heart"!"

Mhoire Lieutenant tells you, "You must truly have ice flowing through your veins."You have been awarded the title of "Icy Veins"!"

Mhoire Lieutenant tells you, "You have a Shocking Disposition to be able to carry yourself with such pleasantness after all you've been through."You have been awarded the title of "Shocking Disposition"!"

Mhoire Lieutenant tells you, "You must have an acidic soul to fight back against the evil of Geraine."You have been awarded the title of "Acidic Soul"!"

Mhoire Lieutenant tells you, "You must truly have a Fiery Spirit to stand strong in the face of such a powerful foe."You have been awarded the title of "Fiery Spirit"!"

Mhoire Lieutenant tells you, "To have defeat such a great evil, perhaps you are the one who should be called The True Emperor."You have been awarded the title of "The True Emperor"!"

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