Introduced:  A Reign of Stone Related Quests:  Casino Updated:  The Calm, Cloak of Darkness
Mi Gan-Zo
Non-Player Killer
Mi Gan-Zo Live.jpg
Race Female Sho
Title Gambler Boss
Location 34.2S, 73.7E in Gan-Zo's Den of Iniquity near Shoushi
Level 21
Strength 140
Endurance 100
Coordination 200
Quickness 180
Focus 130
Self 110
Health 55
Stamina 210
Mana 115


Lore & Dialog

Mi Gan-Zo tells you, "Welcome to my house of chance, now in a much more propitious location! Will the Great Lady of Chance and Possibility favor you? Haya Su Ka sells our rulebook and gambling tokens. My Gamemasters will happily assist you in your quest to gamble tokens."
Mi Gan-Zo tells you, "A Low Stakes token will cost you an M note. Medium stakes an MM note. High stakes 2 MMD notes. Simply hand me the trade note for the level of token you desire."

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