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There are many things to learn about Dereth, not all of which are possible to learn by studying.

However, as you journey the information here may help to guide you. Be warned, although great heroism is possible, great dangers await.

Dereth itself is a land filled with a rich and colorful past. This history extends to all of its inhabitants as well. As a wise sage once said, "To survive and prosper, you must know your enemies strengths and weaknesses." Learn all you can about Dereth, its history, and the history of all those that now call it home, because in Dereth, ignorance can lead to death.

This bestiary catalogues the known monsters in Dereth. Be warned: this list is far from complete. New monsters are constantly being drawn to Dereth through portals from other worlds, and other creatures from Empyrean legend are almost certainly waiting to be found, deep below the earth. Take extra care when approaching any creature not listed in this volume.

The arcane lore of Dereth comprises more than 1600 spells for you to learn and master! With each spell requiring a unique sequence of words, gestures, and magical items, the enterprising magic user should covet all new arcane discoveries fiercely. For, as all aspiring Wizards should know, the fewer players that use a particular spell, the greater its power. And in Asheron's Call, power means glory!

Heritage Groups
Ispar is home to many different cultures, including the warlike Aluvians, the scholarly Gharu’ndim, and the disciplined Sho. Hailing from one of these three Heritage Groups, you find yourself in this new and daunting land of Dereth, pulled here by a strange, mystical force. Your fate, is yours to choose.

Additionally, the allegiance and fellowship system facilitates a social dimension of game play never before experienced in a computer game. The more allies a player acquires, the greater his or her influence becomes.
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