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The game world of Asheron's Call is the Island of Dereth. Members of three major human heritage groups have been transported here by means of portals, said to have been created by the renowned magical researcher Lord Asheron of Empyrea. It's a strange New World where monsters lurk and fortunes can be made.

There are many cities and many more underground passages to explore. Only hints and traces remain of the mighty Empyrean race that once occupied this island. By exploring their subterranean passageways you may discover something of the mystery of their life and disappearance, and learn why you and your fellow adventurers have come here, answering the call of Asheron himself.

Wherever you go there will be companions, adversaries, and strange, hostile creatures. Opportunities for combat are many, and magic is everywhere. Possibly the most extraordinary thing of all is that whoever dies while sojourning here is instantly restored to life.

Many adventures await the traveler in Dereth. There are friends to be made, foes to be vanquished, fame and riches to be acquired. May good fortune and the blessing of Asheron await you on your journey here.