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Magic is a powerful ally in the world of Dereth. Any character versed in this Arcane Lore can both learn to cast powerful spells, and use the myriad of magic items hidden in the world's ruins and catacombs. Tis a foolhardly adventurer indeed that forsakes all study in the mysterious magics of Asheron's Call. Ss b 27
Ss b 28 In addition to blades of cold steel, in Dereth you'll sometimes find magical weapons like this flaming quarterstaff, which will scorch your opponents rather than just bruising their flesh. Lightning hammers, acid daggers, frost axes and many others also await.
All magic spells begin with the wizard summoning raw power from the land. Here, an enchanter conjures magical energy at the beginning of a spell. Ss b 29
Ss b 30 The components in a spell's formula determine how much energy is summoned to fuel it, how that power is shaped, and where it's directed. Some magic, as with this War Magic Mastery spell, is directed at the caster himself. These spells usually consume more Mana than those directed at others.
Enchantment spells are excellent ways to improve a character's abilities. This wizard has cast an enchantment to improve his Focus, giving him heightened concentration and mental acuity. Other spells will make characters stronger, faster, and more. Ss b 31
Ss b 32 Many combat spells are spectacular as well as deadly. Some hurl a single, powerful projectile at a target, while others launch several missiles at once. Pity the poor victim of this sorcerer's Acid Stream spell.
War magic can take many forms, from brilliant lightning to killing frost. In this case, the sorcerer has unleashed a Shock Wave, pummeling his foe with a burst of bludgeoning force. Ss b 34
Ss b 33 While sorcerers specialize in spells that do harm, those trained in Life Magic use their powers to aid & support.

In dangerous places such as the Direlands, a spellcaster who can wield such magic - such as this Piercing Protection spell - are a boon to any Fellowship.

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