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The arcane lore of Dereth comprises more than 1600 spells for you to learn and master! By combining words, gestures, and mysterious reagents, you'll be able to call upon a myriad of strange and wonderous forces to both heal, and destroy. Your career in Sorcery begins by acquiring spells through training, adventuring, or even experimentation with sequences of components to invent your own spells. Because of Asheron's Call unique spell "economy", the fewer players that use a particular spell, the greater the effectiveness of that spell. So, you'll want to guard any new discoveries fiercely. Magic spells are divided among four schools:

School of the Arm (War Magic): Destructive spells. Spells belonging to this school are especially useful in combat.

School of the Right Hand (Item Enchantment): Use the spells from this school to temporarily affect the attributes of an item.

School of the Left Hand (Creature Enchantment): These spells temporarily change the attributes of creatures and humans.

School of the Heart (Life Magic): This school specializes in healing and protection spells.

Other Magic-Related Skills:

Arcane Lore: Needed to read, and thus learn, the spells on ancient scrolls and to understand and use magic items.

Mana Conversion: Helps reduce the amount of Mana used when casting spells.

Magic Defense: A must if you are going toe-to-toe with spellcasters. Helps you to defend against magical attacks.

Some of the more fantastic spells in the game include:

  • Acid Volley -- This spell launches three caustic streams of acid at the unfortunate target.
  • Swiftkiller -- Casting this enchantment on a weapon makes it quicker and deadlier in battle.
  • Force Bolt -- This spell invokes a wave of pure concussive force, which brutalizes its target.
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