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Details of Secure Trade

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Secure Trade
Secure trade has been added to the game, a tool allowing players to exchange items in a fair and organized manner. However, before running off to hand people your most valued items, we recommend you take a moment to read exactly how this new tool operates.

How Secure Trade works:

  • A player wishing to make a trade opens the Trade Initiation Panel found in the Social Systems Panel (containing fellowship/allegiances).
  • That player then selects the person with whom he/she wishes to trade.

Note: Both players must first be in peace mode in order to facilitate a trade. In addition, the person selected to trade with cannot be in the middle of another trade with another player, cannot have turned off his or her trade function, and cannot have a ground container open.

  • The Trade Panel will then open in each players' view.
  • Players then place items on their respective side of the panel. (There is no limit to the number of items able to be placed or, with certain conditions, traded. Please read the notes below for more information on these conditions.)
  • Items cannot be removed from either side of the panel without clearing the entire panel altogether using the Clear All button.
  • An entire container full of items can be placed onto the trade panel, which will then display all the contents of the container but not the container itself. To trade an actual container, it must be empty; then the container will appear on the trade panel when placed there.
  • When both players agree, they each click the Trade button. This accepts what is currently available on the panel. When both players click the Trade button, after a short period of time, the exchanged items will appear in each player's main backpack inventory. However, if any items are added to either side of the panel or the panel is cleared, the trade will not be allowed to take place. In addition, if one player clicks the Trade button, either player still has the option to cancel the trade, using the Cancel button.
  • Once the trade has been completed, the Trade Panel will clear, but will remain open.

A trade will be canceled or not be allowed to take place if:

  • Either player clicks the Cancel button on the top right of the panel.
  • Pressing the ESC key twice.
  • Walking out of trade range, or by teleporting away.
  • Either player enters combat or magic mode.
  • Either player dies.
  • The trade would overburden either player.
  • There is no room in one or both of the players' inventory to accept the items.

Notes and Warnings:

  • DO NOT simply place an item on another character and expect the Trade Panel to open; all you will have done then is give the other character an item for free!
  • Remember: if you see a container on the secure trade panel, that means the container is empty.
  • Once placed in the Trade Panel, the value of items will not be displayed; however, items can be examined as normal by either person.
  • Either player involved in the trade cannot cast spells on an item once it has been placed in the Trade Panel. However, a third party can cast spells on the item.
  • Once a player places an item in the Trade Panel, he or she cannot then use, drop, or give the item away, and they cannot use another item on that item. The item can still be worn or wielded, however, during the trade.
  • Individual items cannot be removed from the Trade Panel; to remove any item, hit the Clear All button, which will remove all items from both sides of the panel.
  • Players will have the option to turn on or off their secure trade feature.
  • Players will have the option to ignore all trade requests.
  • In addition, there will be an option to deny trade with chosen individuals using the @squelch command.