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A Brief History for Travelers

The members of the Arcanum would like to welcome you to Dereth. You must be bewildered by what has happened to you, and we hope that this and other documents will help familiarize you with our new world. We call it "our new world" because--and this may be difficult for you to accept--there is no way for you to return to Ispar. Before your arrival here, you may have heard rumors of mysterious spinning discs and missing people; as you now know, these tales are true. In time, we hope that you will accept your fate and see the many opportunities our new homeland offers. Few people get the chance to make a world, and while we may have lost our old world, together we can make this one just as much ours.

To begin, you will need to understand a little history about our new world. Over 25 years ago, the first Isparians began arriving on this planet Auberean, and specifically here on the island of Dereth. Those first brave souls met the Olthoi, a horrible race of enormous insect-type creatures. The Isparians were quickly enslaved and forced to tend to the disgusting gruel that the Olthoi feed their grubs. Eventually, a few Isparians escaped and formed a small band of resistance under the leadership of Thorsten Cragstone and Elysa Strathelar. With the help of Asheron, the last of the ancient Empyrean people, Elysa and Thorsten killed the Olthoi Queen, throwing the Olthoi into disarray and freeing the captured Isparian people. But the fighters paid a heavy price, as the Olthoi Queen killed Thorsten moments before Elysa struck the killing blow. In memory of the Isparians' heroic accomplishment, the year in which these events occurred is called PY 0 (Portal Year 0).

That climactic battle took place over 10 years ago. A period of relative quiet followed, during which we began to find our place in this new world. Only recently has our calm been interrupted by world-spanning near-catastrophes, events that threatened not only to destroy all that we have built here, but to take our lives. Now, in the face of these challenges, our long-absent Queen Elysa has returned. More than ever, we are determined to make Dereth ours.

Now that you know a little about our world, you are welcome to explore these halls so that you may understand this world even more. We recommend that you spend some time familiarizing yourself with the most recent events in our history, those that began in the year PY 10. After this, you may want to find out more about the creatures you will be encountering and review such details of this land's history and people as we have been able to piece together.

The Fourth Sending of Darkness
These events culminated with the release of the dread Hopeslayer, Bael'Zharon. Many were surprised by the turn of events that began with a single snowflake falling. . .

Sudden Season--Frostfell, PY 10 (December, 1999)

Dark Thaw--Snowreap, PY 11 (January, 2000)

Shadows of the Past--Coldeve, PY 11 (February, 2000)

Darkness Ascendant--Wintersebb, PY 11 (March, 2000)

Thorns of the Hopeslayer--Morningthaw, PY 11 (April, 2000)

Heroes' Respite--Solclaim, PY 11 (May, 2000)

The Paths of Destruction--Seedsow, PY 11 (June, 2000)

To Raise a Banner of Flame--Leafdawning, PY 11 (July, 2000)

Taste of Twilight--Verdantine, PY 11 (August, 2000)

Twilight's Gleaming--Thistledown, PY 11 (September, 2000)

Hollow Victory--Harvestgain, PY 11 (October, 2000)

Should the Stars Fall--Leafcull, PY 11 (November, 2000)

The Child of Daralet--Frostfell, PY 11 (December, 2000)

The Rise of the New Singularity
The Virindi's exposure to Dereth has begun to exert a horrible corrupting influence, a disease expressing itself as. . . individuality.

Now in this Hush--Snowreap, PY 12 (January, 2001)

Lonely in the World--Coldeve, PY 12 (February, 2001)

Spring's Sorrows--Wintersebb, PY 12 (March, 2001)

A Reign of Stone--Morningthaw, PY 12 (April, 2001)

The Changing of the Ways--Solclaim, PY 12 (May, 2001)

Chains of Command--Seedsow, PY 12 (June, 2001)

Lost in the New Horizon--Leafdawning, PY 12 (July, 2001)

Crests of a Turbulent Sea--Verdantine, PY 12 (August, 2001)

Keep Your Enemies Closer--Thistledown, PY 12 (September, 2001)

The Widening Gyre--Harvestgain, PY 12 (October, 2001)

Dark Majesty
Portals open to the island of Marae Lassel, home to a peaceful tribe of Tumeroks and to a dark secret Isparians thought they were free of long ago.

Dark Majesty--Harvestgain, PY 12 (Mid-October, 2001)

Elements of Revenge
Fear of the return of the Empyreans consumes one woman, while another, horribly modified by the Virindi, starts down a path to madness and revenge.

The Gathering Storm--Leafcull, PY 12 (November, 2001)

The First Strike--Frostfell, PY 12 (December, 2001)

Flesh and Blood--Snowreap, PY 13 (January, 2002)

Fever Dreams--Coldeve, PY 13 (February, 2002)

Persuasion--Wintersebb, PY 13 (March, 2002)

Betrayal--Morningthaw, PY 13 (April, 2002)

Hidden Vein--Solclaim, PY 13 (May, 2002)

Castling--Seedsow, PY 13 (June, 2002)

Repercussions--Leafdawning, PY 13 (July, 2002)

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