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The Mysterious Portals Archive

High atop a crumbling hillside, a vagabond thief leaned against his walking stick. At long last, he stood within sight of his destination, the town of Arwic. Before heading into town, the vagabond spared a look back at the impressive peaks of the Lost Wish Range; the bandage wrapping his head attested to his difficult journey through the mountains.

He winced, remembering in particular his encounter with the Copper Golem.

And yet -- despite the trials, the vagabond had seen many a fine sight on his journeys. Bizarre, to be sure . . . but fine, indeed. He patted his belt pouch, checking to make sure the chunk of red jade was still there. At Arwic, hopefully, he could trade the gemstone for much needed provisions. Excellent lockpicks, for instance. The vagabond started down the hill...

Mysterious Portals:

The following selections have added to the lore and mystery surrounding the world that is Dereth. Adventurers, seeking knowledge of this world they plan to explore -- and to conquer -- would do well to begin their search here.


Nimbus of Many Colors

The Festival Stones

The Undead

The Sentinel Skulls

Flowers from Another World

The Lost Light

The Dreadful Pact

Arrival from Portal Space

The Stony Stare

The Crater Lake

The Direlights

Figure on the Throne

The Advocate Towers

Featured Lore:

Queen in the Storm High Queen Elysa pushed aside the velvet curtain and stepped out onto the balcony. The day would bring its share of visitors, both to her chamber and her memory.

Blaylock's Folly A handful of pyreals scattered onto the table, rousing Hibdin from an ale-induced dream. "Whadaya want?" he slurred and wiped a line of drool away with an unsteady hand.

The Eyes of a Child Seven years had passed since the Olthoi queen was killed, since Elysa had lost Thorsten, since Borelean had lost his unknown father.

Completely Hollow A tale of meetings and exchanges made, and of unexpected payment. The Virindi continue work on their treacherous Minions.

Scalpel "I have always considered myself a rational and insightful man, but the events of this day have altered that belief in a way that I never thought possible."

Blood Brothers As the island of Marae Lassel is explored, strange companionships are made along the way. In this case, an Isparian and his Tumerok guide.

Homestead An account relating to the new housing appearing across Dereth.

Desinence A brief history pertaining to Marae Lassel.

The Brink of the Abyss In the continuation of this tale, a daring assault is made upon the Shadow Spires. However, can even one, or only one, be stopped?

Meditations on the Abyss In this story dealing with the Shadow creatures, a loremaster and his apprentices explore the riddle of the floating Spires.

Winter Festivals from Ispar While establishing your own seasonal traditions on Dereth, you might consider these celebrations from the world left behind.

Journal from Frore A letter taken from one of the Gelidites reveals much about their history and sinister plans.

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