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New Additions
New Map of the Hazards of Dereth (September, 2001)

With the start of the Keep Your Enemies Closer event there was a worldwide shift in the spawn locations and difficulty of monsters. To assist players in assessing the new spawn patterns, here is a new Map outlining the difficulty levels of the various areas of Dereth.

Movies and World Maps
Asheron's Call Movie III

A sneak peek into the July update, "Lost in the New Horizon". As the epic story of Asheron's Call continues, strange new lands and creatures emerge from the mists of time. This new movie is in MPG format and is approximately 14 MB in size.

Asheron's Call Movie II

View the Asheron's Call movie! An epic journey, across the wilds and dangers of Dereth, awaits the intrepid viewer. Please note that as this is an .asf formatted file, you may need to first download and install Windows Media Player (the most current version can be found at the Windows Media site).

Asheron's Call Movie

The Call of Asheron stirs fabulous visions. Strange citadels loom before you in the green wilderness. The dead rise from unhallowed ground. Mysterious catacombs crawl with giant vermin. Click the above link to experience the Call (approximately 7.35 MB).

Asheron's Call Time Lapse

View the Magnificent Atmospheric Changes in Asheron's Call. The triumphant sun drives shadows from its path. Clouds unfurl and dissipate in their frantic migration. Over the valley, a gentle rain begins to fall (approximately 1.17 MB).

New Map (February 28, 2000)

Straight from the designers, this large-scale computer-rendered map features extremely detailed, colored topography.

Detailed Map

An essential tool for every adventurer, our old map of Dereth includes the locations and names of major towns. Much of the island is still wild, however, and many features of the world remain unnamed. As you fill in your copy of the map, apply your group's own naming conventions. Who knows? Maybe they'll gain currency among the entire community!

Town Map Sketches

Using only parchment and quill, our scribes have made beautifully sketches of Dereth's nine starting towns. We offer them here for your use.
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