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Part 1[]

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Chronicles of the June Event

Part 1

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During the month of Seedsow PY 13 (June, 2002), High Queen Elysa Strathelar called her people to the Thistledown Festival Stone for an important festival.

High Queen Elysa Strathelar calls her people to the Thistledown Festival Stone.

Elysa looks out over the gathered crowd and clears her throat.

Elysa says, "People of Dereth, I am High Queen Elysa Strathelar, and many of you wonder how I came by my title."

"It was by the will of those that lived here on Dereth when we first broke free from the bonds of slavery beneath the jagged claws of the Olthoi."

Elysa clears her throat again to speak up over the gathered crowd.

Elysa says, "Since that time many have gathered in Monarchies that have come to symbolize the unity of our people here on Dereth."

"I expect that many of you feel you owe me no allegiance, and truly you do not. I am the leader of those that would have me lead, and no more."

Elysa pauses.

Elysa says, "We were once subjects to the Olthoi. I, for one, will not see my people subjected to a rule that they deem unjust. We are not meant to be slaves, we are meant to be free people."

"People with free will and choices."

Elysa looks to Asheron, then back to the gathered crowd.

Elysa says, "To that end I have asked Asheron, a man whom many have slighted and misunderstood, to come and speak with me over the next month at these gathering stones."

"These stones were once the heralds of the festival times for his people. He will now rededicate them to a new cause. The Isparian cause."

"It is time that we claim this land as our new home. It is time for us to claim its name as well!"

"So from this day forward, until the time when we and Asheron work together to bridge the distance between Dereth and Ispar, we shall be known as Derethians."

Asheron takes a few seconds and surveys the crowd.

Asheron says, "What Elysa says is true. You are a free people to whom I am indebted."

"Without your aid even this small island of my world would not have been freed from the Olthoi."

"Your strides against this foe have been remarkable, and you have adapted well to a world alien to your own."

"Your civilization has succeeded in thriving in this adversity, growing in number and laying claim to the land as your own."

"But this has never been without its difficulties and tribulations--several of your first leaders fell in the early years as you struggled without my protection."

Asheron bows his head.

Asheron says, "This cost has weighed heavily upon my soul for many years. What is worse is that in the past when I needed you to further defend my home, you have been there for me."

"Specifically, when Ilservian returned you rose to fight him by my side."

"But when you needed me in turn, I have not always been here."

Asheron straightens his robe.

Asheron says, "That time is at an end."

"I have watched what the Virindi did to Martine and seen the horrors that can come about when you decipher our texts without proper guidance."

"Though our magics are more potent than you can harness, time can change everything and grant you the capacity to learn."

"This is that time. I will not stand idly by and see your civilization destroyed. Torn asunder from within or otherwise."

"You have made Dereth your home. So shall it be. And a time shall come that will be akin to a golden age for your people."

Asheron motions to the stone and sweeps his hands in a wide motion.

Asheron says, "This festival stone will now stand as a memory of the days when these lands became the lands of the Isparians!"

A magnificent display of lights appears above the Thistledown Festival Stone.

Martine appears.

Martine says, "Pretty lights and honey coated words. Smoke and mirrors make this magician all the more impressive."

Martine's gaze falls upon Elysa.

Martine says, "Ah, my love. Why are you here? What has brought you to this place amongst the rabble, with the epitome of all I find wrong and unjust by your side?"

Elysa stares at the thing that was once Candeth Martine and glances at Asheron.

Elysa says, "Martine. You are not welcome here. What you have done to these people cannot be forgiven. . . will not be forgiven."

Martine says, "Why do you say this to me, dearest? I have only joy in my heart for you."

"My unfettered rage and desire to liquefy flesh is focused solely on the old man called Asheron."

"Your flesh is too fine to mar. . . how could I live with myself if I ground your bones to paste? Of course I could rebuild them, but I'd be forced to live with that memory."

Asheron steps in front of Elysa.

Asheron says, "Martine."

"I only wish to help you, I have never wished anything else from you. You are in pain. That much is obvious. Let me help you."

Martine Casts Ring of Unspeakable Agony.

Asheron says, "Elysa away! I will hold him here!"

"Martine, please listen to reason! I know you are still in there somewhere!"

Elysa says, "I will not leave, Asheron! This monster tried to kill my son. I will see him slain where he stands!"

Elysa shudders as Asheron's magic flows over her, sending her away.

Martine says, "You stole her from me! You! And now you wish to make peace for what you have done?"

"I will flay your flesh and study what makes you work, Old Man! But not here, not now."

Martine issues a guttural laugh and a hum begins to grow from within him.

Asheron says, "Derethians, I am sorry that this has happened, but I will see it done. I will see Martine is made whole and that his madness brings you no more pain."

Asheron looks about at the grim scene.

Asheron says, "I am sorry to have brought this upon you all."


Part 2[]

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Chronicles of the June Event

Part 2

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During the month of Seedsow PY 13 (June, 2002), High Queen Elysa Strathelar called her people a second time, this time to the Frostfell Festival Stone. There she continued the ceremony of lighting the Festival Stones and conveyed important information to her subjects about the state of the world.

High Queen Elysa Strathelar calls the people of Dereth to the Frostfell Festival Stone.

Asheron says, "This festival stone, the second dedicated to the people of Dereth, signifies the bonds that you have made and your unity."

"It lights now for the houses of Dereth!"

Elysa smiles broadly to the people.

Elysa says, "We live in a time of adversity, a time that is filled with strife and sorrow at every corner."

"Through it all we stand united in the common cause of making our home a place that is secure for future generations."

"Here we make our peace. Here we recognize the unity of the houses of Dereth, those joined by blood and those bound by oath alone."

Asheron says, "This stone shall signify that unity and those bonds. It shall be a beacon for the wayward and the lost. It shall be the light in the darkness."

Elysa raises her hands.

Elysa says, "Derethians. We must speak now of the matter at hand. We are faced with a most frightening foe. One who once was like us."

"Candeth Martine was once one of us. He came from Ispar like all of you and adventured across these lands as a member of the Explorer Society."

"This same group has grown to become an offshoot of both my own Royal Guard and the Arcanum."

"But he was lost to us, taken by the Virindi."

Elysa pauses and scans the crowd for reactions.

Elysa says, "Asheron has returned to help us stop the atrocities that Martine has begun. We have seen the destruction that has been wrought upon the world. "

"At the Menhir, magic itself has revolted against the natural order and destroyed the Essences."

"And though, with aid from Asheron, the Arcanum has concentrated components necessary for the casting of magic, mages have become concerned over oddities in workings of magic, a lessening in its strength and power."

"The world that we know here hangs in a tenuous balance, an order that must be maintained. That order has until now remained untouched, in balance, complete."

"But now it is threatened."

Asheron says, "The balance Elysa speaks of was threatened only once before, in a time not documented well by my people."

"It was a time when war spread across this world, and the victors consumed and destroyed the history of the conquered."

"My ancestors were the victors and the civilization of the Gelid dissolved."

"The Gelid hid well for a time but a group amongst them. . . broke free. They were eventually slain, as you may have learned, but they left a mark upon the world."

"These marks remain in the form of Elementals, beings created from the very essence of magic itself, given form and sentience by those that once commanded them."

"The goals and machinations of this offshoot coalition were thwarted by the Gelid of Frore."

"Their tomes and halls were lost to time, hidden from even my sight beneath the weight of a history written by victors who did not wish these secrets known."

"When my people held this land, no one studied the arts of elemental control."

"The Elementals were assailants even then, but they were. . . less aggressive. In time they became tools of the undead, the Dericost, who have roots that stretch back to a history that we are all better off forgetting, lest we let their power grow anew."

Asheron sighs heavily.

Asheron says, "But I fear that over time even the greatest magic fails if not fueled. It is by this avenue that I fear Martine came by his knowledge."

"He duped Nuhmudira into aiding him in his acquisition of raw power, in the collection of the invisible rivers' power, tapping into what you call ley lines."

"The essences' destruction was the first of much to come. What Martine has set in motion. . . is beyond even my capacity to fully understand."

"Magic in its rawest form is unpredictable. It is only through temperance and understanding that we can give it the forms of defense, enhancement and destruction."

Asheron looks to Elysa.

Asheron says, "We must all band together and stave off his hand. Stop him, before the actions that he has begun have irreversible consequences."

"To that end, I will be assisting Elysa and the Arcanum in researching the way to curb Martine's plans."

Elysa nods to Asheron and then turns her attention back to the crowd.

Elysa says, "We will not fail, my people. We shall succeed as we have so many times before when facing a foe bent upon our demise. This world is ours now."

"We shall not stand by and see it ruined."

"I shall be lighting three more stones over the course of this cycle of the moons, and in that time, much more will be explained."

"I thank you for attending."


Part 3[]

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Chronicles of the June Event

Part 3

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During the month of Seedsow PY 13 (June, 2002), High Queen Elysa Strathelar called her people together once again. She attempted to ceremonially light the Leafcull Festival Stone, but was interrupted by the love sick Martine.

High Queen Elysa Strathelar has arrived at the Leafcull Festival Stone.

Elysa says, "Today we light the torch upon the stone of memory, to signify those that we have lost--those that are missing and those that have sacrificed of themselves to see us grow."

"The list is longer than most will ever know."

"But the light from this stone will serve as a reminder of all those who have fallen."

Martine appears.

Martine says, "Melanay? Please listen to me."

Elysa says, "Martine?"

Elysa looks around her.

Elysa says, "I have no words for you, I have nothing more that I can offer you. There is no temperance within my arm to stave off an attack upon your being."

Martine says, "You. You speak as if you bear me great ill. . . while I hold nothing more than love for you, my sweet, sweet Elysa. Come, let us end this petty squabble and join together for the good of the people."

Martine's voice sounds soft, filled with love.

Martine says, "I've missed you."

Asheron says, "Martine."

Martine turns toward Asheron.

Martine says, "You! You!"

"Elysa, no. Don't let him take you away from me again. No."

Martine runs toward Elysa.

Martine says, "Come away with me, quickly before he takes you."

Martine reaches toward Elysa and pulls back suddenly!

Martine says, "Why do you recoil, my love?"

Martine stumbles away from Elysa and Asheron.

Martine says, "Stay away from me!"

Asheron says, "Martine please. . . let me help you. With your help, I can make everything right. I can make everything whole again."

"I can take that thing out of you."

"Martine, no. Stop this, you don't want to do this."

Martine says, "But we do! We want to see the inside of the flesh. We want to see the inside, the inside!"

"Tell them Asheron, tell them what your protection does. What the Lifestones do!"

"Tell them how their deaths is used to save your people! Tell them! Tell them of the double-edged sword you wield! Your split allegiance!"

"Tell them. . . or I'll show them how easily I bypassed your magic and end the lives of these people forever, even your precious little Elysa!"

Martine begins to glow with an unearthly purple light, electricity cascades off of him and a deep thrum sounds from within him, spreading into the ground around him.

Asheron says, "Martine. . . I. . ."

Martine says, "No. . . get back down you thing!"

Martine grabs his head, the sound dissipates with the halo about him.

Martine says, "No!"

Martine disappears.

Elysa stares into the distance.

Elysa says, "Asheron."

Elysa disappears in a haze of portal magic.

Asheron says, "I must take my leave of you. I must. . ."

Asheron disappears.


Part 4[]

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Chronicles of the June Event

Part 4

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During the month of Seedsow PY 13 (June, 2002), High Queen Elysa Strathelar called her people to the Coldeve Festival Stone near Kara. Although she was holding this ceremony to unite the peoples of Dereth against their common foe, Asheron interrupts the proceedings with a disturbing discovery.

High Queen Elysa Strathelar has arrived at the Coldeve Festival Stone.

Elysa says, "People of Dereth, I thank you for coming."

Elysa looks out over the crowd as if searching for someone.

Elysa says, "I have called you here to speak of what has happened."

"My son was once the target of Martine's rage. He meant to strike at Asheron for crimes that were not his, but the Virindi's."

"We made the choice to pass through those first portals regardless of what we may want to believe. They may have called to us, but it was our choice."

"A choice that I would not have undone."

"Ever since Martine was changed, he has been lost in a struggle with that which the Virindi placed within him. He is losing, or so it appears."

"Over the past year he has worked to allow passage to Marae Lassel, a place he knew was inhabited by an Olthoi Queen."

"He has also tried to penetrate my ranks and attempt to assassinate both me and my son Borelean."

Elysa's tone takes on a timbre of anger and rage.

Elysa says, "I'm not a woman who is driven by her anger. But I cannot stand by and watch this madman tear this world apart."

"I care not for his salvation, even though Asheron believes he can be saved."

Elysa shoots a glance to Asheron.

Elysa says, "If you see him, I say kill him. See him brought low."

"If you see him. . ."

Asheron closes his eyes and appears to be mumbling quietly to himself. His eyes suddenly pop open and he reaches for Elysa.

Elysa looks to Asheron, and speaks more quietly.

Elysa says, "What is it, Ash?"

Asheron says, "Elysa, the ocean. . . something has risen. I must see this."

"Something has changed. The northeast. The closest homestead is Norstead. From there it is east. Quickly!"

Asheron summons a portal.

After traveling through the portal, Asheron, Elysa and her followers run along to beach to until they reach a mysterious citadel rising out of the ocean.

Asheron says, "Elysa, we must go back to my island. I must see if this has happened anywhere else."

"This is not right."

"The invisible river is changing. Something is gravely wrong."

Asheron and High Queen Elysa Strathelar have returned to his castle to study the strange events surrounding the citadel to the southeast of Aerlinthe.


Part 5[]

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Chronicles of the June Event

Part 5

During the month of Seedsow PY 13 (June, 2002), High Queen Elysa Strathelar called her people a final time, this time to the Midsong Festival Stone. The Queen had been holding these ceremonies with her subjects to symbolize that Dereth now truly was their home and that they were its people. Many of these ceremonies were interrupted, either by the deranged Martine or by disturbing discoveries. Now in holding this final ceremony, Queen Elysa hoped to end these ceremonies by bringing hope to the hearts of her people. Unfortunately, a shocking attack brings the people anything but hope.

High Queen Elysa Strathelar has arrived at the Midsong Festival Stone.

Elysa says, "Our celebration has been rife with distraction and disruption. But nothing can dissuade us from our ceremonies."

"We shall see this final stone lit to show our resolve!"

Martine appears.

Martine says, "And so the fly comes again to the spider's web. You were speaking, Elysa?"

Asheron says, "Martine, have you come to talk about my offer?"

Martine pauses and thinks a moment.

Martine says, "Yes."

"You said you can take it out. Remove it, give me back what I had."

"I don't want it."

Martine's breath sounds labored through his mask.

Martine says, "It itches, it burns, and it is so hard to fight."

"I'm tired of fighting, tired of wondering who I am who you are. . . who is Melanay or Elysa?"

"What have I done?"

Asheron approaches Martine.

Asheron says, "Then come with me, Martine. We shall go to my island and I shall do my best to help you."

Elysa says, "Asheron, be careful."

"You should not trust him."

Asheron looks back to Elysa.

Asheron says, "I shall be fine, Elly."

"Martine. I shall help you and then we shall begin bringing order back to the ley lines."

Martine says, "Ley lines? I have done nothing to the ley lines, you doddering old fool."

"It was the witch that did that!"

"Did I tell you, about the itch, the pain, the horror. . .?"

"Did I tell you how sometimes, when it begins within my skull, squirming below the surface, a tickle in my brain that I cannot reach?"

The flesh on Martine's head ripples.

Martine howls, "Did I tell you, Old Fool? That I like it?"

Martine cast Vicious Rebuke at Asheron.

Asheron groans as the bolt of energy tears into his chest. A gout of blood shoots forward and spills onto the ground. The old mage crumples.

Elysa screams, "Asheron!"

Elysa pulls her bow from her back and nocks an arrow, letting it fly into Martine.

The arrow finds its mark and Martine looks taken aback. Elysa takes position near Asheron's side.

Suddenly the air splits, and the four elements swirl about coalescing into the form of a man.

Gaerlan says, "You have done well, Martine. But I need you no longer. You will not rob me of my revenge against Asheron."

Martine turns to look at the man.

Martine says, "Why have you come here? You were to be watching the hall while I was out. Your insolence has earned you a punishment, my overzealous apprentice."

Martine cast Vicious Rebuke at Gaerlan.

Gaerlan resists the spell and summons a Crystal Lord Sovereign to attack the Isparian crowds.

Gaerlan says, "A bit of entertainment then, to clear the crowd to make my last moment with Asheron all the better."

"You, Martine, have outlived your usefulness. You have overstepped your bounds and as such you must be punished."

Martine disappears.

Elysa says, "Asheron, get up."

Elysa pulls her hand away from Asheron, her hand soaked in blood.

Elysa says, "Asheron! Asheron!"

Asheron crumples further to the ground.

Queen Elysa and her people focus their attention on the titanic Golem, eventually defeating it and its attendant creatures.

Gaerlan makes his way toward Asheron.

Gaerlan says, "And so it is. Asheron, that I come to claim a life, for a life. To collect on the death of my brother. And claim the role of judge, jury and executioner."

"For your crimes against the Cerulean throne, and the murder of my brother, I condemn you to death."

Elysa says, "This is our home now."

Elysa nocks an arrow and lets it fly. Gaerlan catches the arrow and examines the craftsmanship.

Gaerlan says, "A poor tool, but then you are certainly a much younger race then we. The crudeness of your implements was expected."

Elysa slips an orb from her pouch and utters some words over Asheron.

Elysa says, "You'll not take it, whoever, whatever you are."

Gaerlan says, "You are more feeble then even Martine or the other. . . Nuhmudira. Yes, that was her name, Nuhmudira. Screaming as each of her bones snapped one by one."

"Remarkable how much she learned. A pity she'll never remember anything."

"I applaud your efforts, you truly know how to punish those that affront you."

Elysa says, "Asheron, I need to get you out of here. Please stand up."

Elysa struggles to lift Asheron to his feet. A pool of blood has gathered beneath the old mage.

Elysa says, "Run, my people run! There will be other days to fight!"

Asheron stands, slowly holding the wound that has been opened in his chest. Blood flows from the wound freely.

Asheron says, "Gaerlan! Gaerlan!"

Purple halos surround Asheron and Elysa as they begin to fold into portalspace.

Gaerlan bellows, "Running away! Running away as always."

Gaerlan raises his head toward the sky and bellows.

Thunder cracks in the sky and the sound is replaced by a voice, "Asheron Realaidain, you cannot hide. Wherever you will go, I will find you! I shall visit revenge upon you for the Olthoi's arrival and the death of my brother Delacim!"

Gaerlan sneers, "You are a pathetic race of creatures. Insignificant and worthless. But his heart is devoted to you, I have seen that much."

"Well, then, I shall destroy his heart and then consume his soul."

Southeast of Aerlinthe, at the citadel, the ground trembles as if the very land itself has been moved. Flames erupt from the water billowing clouds of soot and ash into the sky. Lighting shoots down from the clouds and an acidic rain falls into the sea, turning it into a bubbling mass. A gale force wind sweeps the clouds away but a fire now burns in the sea.

Gaerlan says, "Home. At last. . ."

Brave Isparian defenders attempt to assault Gaerlan, but are continually repulsed by his elemental magics. Eventually Gaerlan tires of the battle and disappears, leaving the Isparians to wonder what their future may hold.