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Cooking Contest Results

August 22, 2000

The writing contest is still underway! Please see the official rules for details.

We received nearly 500 e-mails in under a week, for everything from the popular chocolate cake and chocolate milk, to that most difficult and rare creation . . . rich iced mocha. Every entry was reviewed for accuracy and adherence to contest rules, and, if judged to be qualified, was added to the pool for the random drawing. Accuracy of the recipe itself, especially concerning the ingredients, was strongly emphasized.

Here are the winners of the Quest for Chocolate:

Bar of Dark Chocolate: Chen Kenichi of Frostfell

Bar of Milk Chocolate: Ho Chun of Frostfell, with help from Theran Bakagin

Chocolate Cake: Rhiannon Morgana of Frostfell, with help from Touryan Kurigsun

Chocolate Ice Cream: Betty Crocker of Leafcull, with help from Cragstone Farms Catering

Chocolate Milk: Khallayne of Thistledown, with help from Raynie

Mocha: Aiyaan Shiefu of Leafcull, with help from the Silver Citadel

Rich Mocha: Atsushi of Morningthaw, with help from Deckape

Iced Mocha: Yakamura Shinji of Frostfell

Rich Iced Mocha: Elanwen of Harvestgain, with help from Jenna.

Congratulations to the winners -- and our thanks to everyone who participated, whether as the cook, the spellcaster who helped buff the cook, or the hunter who painstakingly collected all those many heaps of brown beans for someone else! We hope you enjoyed the Quest for Chocolate Cooking Contest! And never fear -- there will be more recipes coming to Dereth.
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