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More Rave Reviews for Asheron's Call

January 6, 2000

In the last few weeks, Asheron's Call has received a spate of excellent reviews, and was voted 1999 Game of the Year by webzine, which had this to say:

Online-only games are the way the world is moving, and Asheron's Call is the standard by which all others will be judged for some time to come. The graphics of this game look more like an advanced shooter than an online-only role-playing game. And there is almost no lag anywhere in the beautiful countryside, which is the equivalent of 500 square miles, no matter how many people are exploring the world at once. An extensive guild system encourages loyalty and cooperation while player killers -- the bane of most online RPGs -- are not a problem here thanks to an ingenious rule system. Finally, Microsoft is doing the impossible by creating a major event every month to entertain players and keep the game fresh in a way no single-player game could ever hope to offer. If games like Asheron's Call are the future, then players are ready to embrace it with open arms.

Other standout reviews include GamesMania, which bestowed its "Award of Excellence" on AC, and gave it a 9 out 10 rating; and Happy Puppy, which also gave AC a 9 out of 10, stating, "If you're serious about RPGs, Asheron's Call is certainly one game you won't want to miss. This is the cream of the crop, and it's getting thicker all the time." See Related Links for links to these and dozens of other great reviews.
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